How to track the progress for raised Warranty Claims or Returns?

1. After you successfully submit your RMA claims. Please kindly click "My Returns" under My Dashboard for progress tracking.
2. Please kindly find below description on My Returns page
i. Return# - RMA ID, your unique identifier for RMA claims
ii. Create date for return
iii. Return Status- Claim status
Return status recap*:
  Return Status Description
1 Pending Request received
2 Authorized Request authorized
3 Waiting for items We required items return for further verification. Please follow steps on system email for item return within 30 days. Otherwise, your RMA request will be rejected.
4 Proceed to Settlement We are done with the evaluation and validated your claim. We are now processing the resolution for your RMA request. 
5 Return Received Return items received by us and further evaluation in progress/ to be conducted
6 Approved and closed Your request is approved and closed. 
7 Reject authorization Request has been rejected
8 Reject Compensation
*- Status applied to request for orders paid after 28-Oct 2016. 
iv. View return - Click for claim details and update
3.  Upon you click "View return"
i. You can review your request details here.
ii. You can also submit your comment on the "Comment Text" Box
4. Apart from My Return page update you will also receive email notifications upon status update for request. Please kindly follow the required actions to expedite the resolution of the request.  
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