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Are the prices of the items on the website fixed?

You may refer on our website for the prices of our items but this can change anytime without prior notice. Furthermore, prices varies depending on the warehouses as well as on the currency.

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    thomas batka

    I got a email for a flash sale. I was looking at the visionplus fpv goggles for 35.00 but when you click on the picture it says 68.00

  • Avatar
    steve merrill

    They sent me an email offering me something that was in my shopping cart the durafly Excalibur for 101.51. but when I try to complete the order with the button it takes me back to my shopping cart with the normal price

  • Avatar
    Andy Richards

    I’ve tried buying zippy flightmax 18.5 volts 8000mah 5s battery at reduced price but when you click on picture it says they are 62 pounds instead of lower price advertised why is this ?

  • Avatar
    eddy feghaly

    Hey, im openning a small buggy racing track! Is there any discount i can get if i purchase like 5 RTR buggies(vandal) and a bunch of spare parts ?

  • Avatar
    Douglas Cook

    I inquired about getting the discount on previously purchased product and I have yet to hear from anyone!

  • Avatar
    Günter Schläfer

    Hy interested on the crusader
    Flashdeal 80$
    In €95
    Thats wrong Price?????
    IT must be cheaper

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