Can I change my shipping address after placing my order?

Address changes can only be made if the order has not been "Printed" yet...if order has reached the "Printed" stage then no modifications can be made (unless order is already being held for another reason).

If you need to change the shipping address after placing the order, please contact us as soon as possible and send us the following information to verify your account: 

  1. Order number;
  2. Registered first and last name;
  3. Registered address;
  4. Registered telephone number

If all details match, we will manually change your order. Please provide new shipping address details in below format:

Last Name
First Name
Company (if any)

However, please take note that we only change shipping address if it has to be updated under the same area or location. Request to change to other country or zip code cannot be processed.

If you simply want to change your address in your account, click here for details - Update Shipping Address

*Simply contacting us does not constitute an agreement nor does it mean we can act upon your request. We do not accept liability for requests which are not received or read after the order has been invoiced. Once your order has been dispatched from our warehouse, we can NOT make any changes or stop the order.

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