When is it valid to request parcel investigation?

We can only open investigation for the following conditions combined: 

  1. Parcel is not received within the transit time;
  2. Parcel is not in your local customs or post office waiting for you to claim; 
  3. Parcel is not received by your relatives or friends in case it is delivered without your presence. 
  4. Parcel must have a tracking number (IMPORTANT)

If all criteria falls under your situation, feel free to contact us so we can further assist you. 

  • We can only request investigation for parcels not received within 4 months after the posted date. Everything that comes after 4 months to report they haven't received their parcel will not be considered as valid claim. 
  • Please take note that we do not open parcel investigation for non-registered shipping option that do not offer a tracking number (Example: International Air Mail)
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