I received a defective battery (puffed and/or voltage reading). What should I do?


Please fill in the RMA form under the order with defective battery. Simply send us the following photos to justify your clam. No returns required.


  1. Photo of the batch code

  2. Photo of the warranty code

  3. Photo showing how the battery if defective


Please refer below for the required photos for defective battery: 


You may refer to the attached photo below for the batch code and warranty code. Once provided, our RMA Specialists will update your RMA status shortly for possible solution.


 For creating RMA form, you may refer to the following links for your guide:

  1. Click here for RMA User Guide/ Manual

  2. Click here to complete and submit RMA form

**There is a bit update in our website layout, please see the process below to create RMA Form: 

  1. Log in to your account; 
  2. Click your registered name as shown in the photo below: 

      3. Click CHECK 

     4. Click RETURNS;


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