What is a Claim/ Return? How to Submit a Request?

My Claim/ Return Form is used for every warranty claim or return. You need to complete this form for recording purposes but it does not necessarily mean you will return the item to us. Once we confirmed your claim is valid after reviewing only your submitted photos and videos, we will send you a replacement, process refund or issue store credits equivalent to the item/part involved in the claim.

In some cases, if your photos and videos are not enough to justify your claim, we may require you to return the item to your nearest warehouse for further inspection. 

 For creating a Claim/ Return, you may refer to the following links for your guide:

Click here for Claim Resolution Guide/ Manual

**There is a bit update in our website layout, please see the process below to raise a Claim/ Return: 

  1. Log in to your account; 
  2. Click your registered name as shown in the photo below: 

      3. Click My Orders 

     4. Click View Order

    5. Click Return


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