I received an incorrect item/order. What should I do?

Please fill out the RMA form under the order with incorrect item/order. You need to upload a photo showing the incorrect item/order you received. We can offer you a special price if you would like to keep the incorrect item/order, and we will send you the correct item/order immediately after the special price is settled. However, if you don't need the incorrect item, we may require you to return the incorrect item/order via RMA. Once you provided us the returning tracking number and returning postage receipt, we will immediately process a replacement item/order for you.

 For creating RMA form, you may refer to the following links for your guide:

  1. Click here for RMA User Guide/ Manual

  2. Click here to complete and submit RMA form

**There is a bit update in our website layout, please see the process below to create RMA Form: 

  1. Log in to your account; 
  2. Click your registered name as shown in the photo below: 

      3. Click CHECK 

     4. Click RETURNS;

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