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I have not designed a product but I have a great idea I would like to share.

We are always interested in new ideas while sharing an idea will generally not qualify you for royalties if there is something you have always wanted to see being offered by HobbyKing we would like to have your input.

Please send your idea(s) to marketing@hobbyking.com with the following details:

  • Description: A sentence or 2 describing the idea/invention/technology.
  • Describe the possible uses for this invention: There might be more than one application or use for your invention, feel free to list as many as you like.
  • Who do you see being interested in this innovation?: You can name companies, industries, or types of people.

You might be invited to work with us as a beta tester or receive free samples during the development process!

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    Australian CA25 - Winjeel.
    how about one of these planes as a model


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    This suggestion concerns the QuanumGPS.
    If you read the comments on this item, you will find some complaints about misleading description. It says that is records path data and even suggests how to use this capability to keep track of your kids. Well as several people in the comment section have pointed out. It does not. The suggestion is to go to the Files Section of the International listing and read the file: "QuanumGPS Converted to Path Logger" It there you will see that it is possible to record data with the purchase one thing. You should sell that one thing.

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    With the increase in large scale electric RC's there is a need for large size and C-rate 3S LiPo's to make the 6S configuration that is becoming the norm. The Nano-tech ultimates are great for 4S (2x2S) but we need something similar in 3S, hopefully Hardcase. Similar to the SMC 7200mAh 70C packs. Something in the range of 7200-8000mAh ~90C packs are needed for the new Losi LST XXL2e, Audi 1/6 and Traxxas Maxx.

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    HI HK
    PLEASE START TO PRODUCE SCALE COCKPIT PANEL INSTRUMENTS LIKE THIS ASAP http://www.hobbyexpress.com/images_products/1381_large.jpg

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    I Would like to see parts for vintage RC-Cars like Tamiya, Kyosho ect. Made from alu or frp. Example parts for Tamiya Dyna Storm/Dyna Blaster/TR-15T...

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    Idea - "Always available instantly ready plane for those 5-10 minute windows in the working day."

    Busy professional, often out in my car. I'd love to be able, if I'm driving past a park or field, to stop, have a five minute flight, then carry on. HOWEVER, any 'plane left in a car all the time gets trashed by kids, luggage etc. And I don't want to leave my 'proper' Tx in the car in all weathers etc.

    SO: Holy grail - a slim, tough box 80 x 20x10cm, behind the rear seat. Inside is a 1.5m electric 'fly anywhere' soarer + Tx. (4CH).
    - Aileron+Elevator+Throttle, means you can have a conventional (flat) stab with a clip-in tail = fits in a flat box + almost instant setup.
    - 2-piece wing that plugs into fuz, with servo sockets at the roots that slot straight in (like the MPX Cularis).

    So, I'm on my way somewhere, I pass a park/field: park up, open boot, in 90 seconds I've got something about 1.5m span in the air.
    Lovely! (Something in the case to keep plane and Tx battery topped up too, no doubt...)

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    Bravo Hobby King and Durafly. All that extensive research and development to produce the new Tundra. You have just ripped off Multiplex's Fun Cub, including many of the promotional video ideas. My opinion of both companies has now gone to an all time low. Shame on you both.
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    Rafael I´m a good Hobbyking customer for many years and I want to introduce you an interesting idea for you to manufacture it. if it´s possible. I call it " FLIGHT LOG & LOGGED FLIGHT REPLAY MODULE" Nowadays with quadcopters is possible doing both operations because the GPS save your flight route or vice versa: you mark you route in your computer and the model follows it. I wonder if it would possible its implementation for classic RC models. This flight control GPS module would have several applications: 1.- Log your own flights for analysis. 2.- Comparing your own flights with a prefixed flight (stablished by the FAI ) for getting a handicap (like in golf). At last anyone will be able to stablish their flight skill level with a number like in the golf (handicap 0-36), because only saying "I´m a good pilot " it´s very relative and imprecise 3.- You can fly your model executing flights like the modelling masters. For doing this you must upload the selected fligt profile and replaying it. ( with a Flight Log and Logged Flight Replay Module" 4.- You will be able to draw words and shapes in the air. A great show in the air. 5.- Interesting: : two, three or more planes could fly in acrobatic patrol, creating a very nice show. Today this is not possible without endagering both planes, Today simpy one plane follows the other. 6.- It can be used like a new flight school. 7.- It can be used in championships to judge objectively the flighs. simply comparing them with the reference flight. And much more... I hope you like this concept and I hope come true soon.
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    What about offering the Durafly Tundra with the OrangeRX stabilzer as a package. This combination should give the Parkzone Sport cub a strong competitor . PZ sport cub doing bush landings. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PqYfE_FSdW4 I am optimistic that the Tundra with OrangeRX stabilizer will become my new go to plane for flying out of my front yard. Just need to wait a few months between planes. Just got the HK Drifter. Great plane, but the Tundra should made landing on my driveway a piece of cake.
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    Hi, please add PRICE to the "Servo Finder" at:
    ...to make it much more user-friendly/capable. Thanks! :)

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    My first idea at this forum was the FLIGHT LOG & LOGGED FLIGHT REPLAY MODULE (see above) and now I want to introduce you another interesting idea and specially fun: a MUSICAL SPEED CONTROLLER for any electric engine. It sounds amazing, but What is this ?. It would be a normal speed controller (ESC) but besides it would have an additional function: a musical programmable keyboard function synchronized with the engine r.p.m. (+ r.p.m. high notes, - r.p.m. low notes) and so the engine would be able to reproduce the music chosen by changing tone when changing engine speed. We would be using the sound/noise of the engine to produce sound/melody of a powerful speaker. without adding any extra on the plane, only the MUSICAL SPEED CONTROLLER. Now planes will be able to play melodies when they are flying. Oh, my god, this will be a great and very spectacular show. Please, Hobbyking, make it happens. (Rafael Quintana , Spain )

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    It's time that HOBBYKING, as the aspiring global leader, began to replace it's now in many cases no longer available range of 'fun fighter' aircraft by bringing to market a new & much more extensive range of slightly larger & much better flying 'fun fighter extra' models, all at around the 900mm wingspan mark, all potentially lightly loaded & perfectly balanced, & all without retracts!

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    What happened to the 1/8 basher nitro circus monster truck? Will it be available again? If so when? If not will another 1/8 monster truck be made available. Will the new trucks parts be compatible with the 1/8 nitro circus monster truck? Maybe the same truck different name possibly.?

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    I would like to see aircraft style toggle switch covers miniaturized for use on our transmitters

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    A great product that I would like to see is a ramp for RC cars and trucks. Something similar to this but at a more affordable price. I'd but 10 it they were less than $20


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    Please request your manager to suggest a new policy: Any customer who has to wait more than 2 weeks for a back-ordered item gets 5% of the item's cost in bonus points per week as a "thank you" for waiting. Otherwise it's just frustrating for the customers and they end up cancelling their orders and buying from somewhere else. ;)

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    Hello, my name is Adilson Maximo
    I'm from Brazil.
    My country charges much tax on the sale of products related to modeling, here there are many practitioners of the hobby, the HobbyKing should have a representative in Brazil for direct sales to domestic customers, I am willing to help increase sales of excellent products HobbyKing in my country, I can offer the same directly in the clubs this segment. Just the HobbyKing facilitate sending demos for demonstration to the customer. I hope the hobby king understands how I want to help her.

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    As a Nerf Modder, I am always trying to see what size LiPo I can fit inside a shell or 3D printed part. Taking internal measurements can be quite tricky.

    My suggestion is that hobbyking sell a set of "dummies" for their LiPos, to emulate the dimensions of a LiPos within a given voltage range such as 3s. They could be made of any cheap plastic and would be used to drop into a space or cavity within a shell or chassis to see if they could fit.

    One the Modder is happy with a particular dimension of a dummy battery, the label on the dummy would indicate that various types of LiPos available at that dimension and the Modder can choose accordingly.

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    Rafael (Spain)
    Some time ago I watched a TV documentary where you could see that in China, for centuries, some kind of pigeons carry small wicker (or similar) balls tied to its legs, and when pigeons fly, ball whistle with the air speed producing precious aerodynamic sounds as if we turn quickly a rope with an object at the end .. I ask for you to get those special whistling wicker balls for your customers, so we can adapt them to our silent electric planes and we can get those nice aerodynamic sounds on board.

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    Carlo Curro

    Dear All,

    I would like to ask you why don't you add the sbc-dountless in your cataloque. You sell already several VQ model airplanes like Mig-3 yak-9 FW190.... why not also the sdc-5? I shuold very interested to buy one at convenient HK price.
    Thanks a lot

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    I have always been modeler, but I have another hobby: railway modeling. It is a great hobby, but I think it has an Achilles heel: the tracks. They are very delicate and its perfect operation requires much effort. I also like very long paths and getting this it´s expensive. To solve this problem I have developed a project using polymer rolling tracks (endless) with rails made of carbon fiber (very good electrical conductor). endless and rolling too. Both two parts (railway sleepers and rails) are mounted separately with a simple mounter guide to achieve curves of any radius. and in a record time.
    It would be great for the railway modelers community you to manufacture these endless tracks. for use indoors or outdoors. Count on me for any clarification.

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    I think rc skydivers might be a hit I already have a couple and they are great for days when you just want to fly something different also a lot of fun even the micro sized one can be taken up by medium sized electric planes, every time I've had them out I always get a lot of interest in them and people wanting to buy them off me , 2 of the manufacturers of these have a wait time of around 6 months due to demand. Very basic design and would be far cheaper to manufacter than the paraglider canopy that you already produce.

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    Some time ago I discovered a curious aerodynamic effect that allows easy launching of little and medium-sized free flight parachutes from an RC model aircraft. This aerodynamic effect occurs when you place the parachutist (only the doll) in the angle between the horizontal and vertical stabilizer: of the tail´s plane: the wind pressure makes it sticking to the angle even if there is nothing to hold it. You can maneuver the plane freely but the parachutist doesn´t move.
    The other end of the bell parachute - the apex - it is holded with a ring to the arm of a miniservo located on the belly of the plane.. Better than the ring is to put a little ball under the apex and tie it for achieving a firm point where you can put the ring.
    With this you get a line with a longitudinally streached and folded parachute/skydiver set ready for launchig it. On the air, when you release the skydiver, the bell parachute pulls the skydiver doll off softly from the horizontal stabilizer and et voila!, the skydiver begins to descend. It would be a good idea that Hobbyking would sell the complete parachute/skydiver set for making it easier.

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    Here's a thought....
    How about a Durafly 1100 line of CARTOON PLANES?
    The Bum

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    I would like you to offer and stock in the US Warehouse high quality Balsa Wood, such as Triangle Stock of 1/4" & 3/8", and 1/2" x 36" lengths. Also Square Stock, Sheets, leading edge, trailing edge, Aileron Stock. Additionally, aircraft quality plywood up to 1/4" thick. The quantity should be smaller of each piece in bundles. For example, Tower Hobbies has Midwest Balsa, but it is way too expensive because you have to order a large quantity of each size. Tower Hobbies has Tower Balsa, but it is junk and way too soft. Out of the quantity lots, you might find one to 4 that is suitable for use in Model Airplanes. None of the local hobby shops in the 100 mile radius surround areas carry Balsa Wood anymore. Sad...

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    Armand Chauvin

    Hi dear hoobyking Team :
    As many people I'd like to see back in sales one of these terrible P-38 with at lest 1.20M of wingspan wich was an great classic warbird from WWII. actually it seems there is no more EPO plane like this one to be sold at our continent. I saw one this kinf sold earlier by hobbyking wich was great(~1.10M, 3 blades propeller, gears with retracts, painted).

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    Armand Chauvin

    Dear hobbyking team,
    I was disappointed to find there is no afterburner led system for EDF Plane here others than 70 and 90mm EDF. Just right now It seems there are many planes flying with 50/55/64mm EDF. Is there a day we may si it in new items ?

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    Armand Chauvin

    Once more :
    XT60 Charged/Discharged Battery Indicator Caps (product ID: 9171000693-0) Is great. Should it be possible that hobbyking does the same for other kind of regulars connectors as JST, DEAN-T, HXT 4mm, EC3 ? I actually use for others batteries than XT60 sticked battery markers, but If I d'like to use caps instead.

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    Some time ago I decided trying a new world inside the modelling: FPV planes & drones. They are exciting and you can get many different satisfactions, particularity with FPV drone racings. But one day I thought if it would possibly running racings above the ground, up in the skies, like birds.
    I thought if it would possible creating virtual doors in the sky using the GPS technology .and integrating this virtual doors in the flying goggles screen for creating a racing circuits high in the sky. It would be spectacular seeing 5, 10 or more drones ( or planes) maneuvering while they pass through every virtual door. For a recreation of all of this you can see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TLXNqNC_1A or writting "Ikaro Racing HD" like search criteria in your browser.
    Commercial benefits for racers? If the racing circuit is placed above particular sites (cities, natural scenaries, monuments, etc) it can promote them, (promotionals)
    .It would be great HobbyKing would design this application and so our FPV aircraft and drones could fly these virtual circuits. Your imagination will be the limit !
    Sevilla (Spain)

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    Bengt Burman

    Hello Hobbyking / Orange developers.
    I hope you can please me and announce that you are about to design my dream receiver.
    It would be a:

    Fullrange, duplex, 6 channel DSMX / DSM2 receiver.
    Stabilizer similar RX3S.
    Dual aileron output (normal and reversed) to fit the ailerons installation with two servos.

    Best regards.