Multi-warehouses order


Multi warehouses order includes two or more shipments sent from different warehouses. Please kindly find description on below scopes:

- Order checkout

- Order status tracking

- Shipment notification


Order checkout:

Two or more couriers selection based on shipment number.

Order status tracking

Respective shipment status could be tracked on My Orders under My Dashboard.

All originate warehouses for shipments will be shown as below.

by clicking "View order", respective shipment details (Product and Qty, order status and originated warehouse will be displayed as below)

The Corresponding couriers tracking information will be illustrated separately by clicking "Track your Order" under specific courier.

Shipment progress for specific shipment clicked would be pop up instantly




Order status illustration for multi-warehouses order 

Order status will be updated to Complete when: 1. Both of the orders are shipped or 2. One of the orders are shipped while the other order is cancelled.


Shipment notification

- Orders will be shipped separately from two or more warehouse locations. Two or more shipment notification will be sent to you upon parcel dispatched from respective warehouses. Click here for shipment tracking details.





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