How to Add/ Remove an Item in shopping cart

Ordering from allows you to purchase items from our regional warehouses. Click HERE to find out which warehouse location is serviceable to your country. This article below describes the scope of Completing Shopping Cart

- Add/ remove an item

- Amend quantity and select warehouse for items

- Apply discount code and gift card


To add items to your cart, you need to: 

1) Log in to your account; 

2) Select items from the categories or you may search your desired items in the search box; 

3)  click ADD TO CART; 




3.1 You may click VIEW ITEM to see the full picture, product features and specifications. To add the item to cart, click BUY NOW;


 Once BUY NOW or ADD TO CART button is clicked, the item will be added to cart;

3.1 At any point of navigation you can click "View Cart" to return to your shopping cart;

4) To adjust the quantity, change the number under QTY. You may choose to change the warehouse location under the column WAREHOUSE if this location is serviceable to your country (OPTIONAL); 

4.1 To change the delivery Warehouse, click  in the warehouse column to select the available warehouse in the dropdown;

4.2 To update ordered item quantity, click  in Qty column to select your desired quantity;

4.3 To remove item from shopping cart, click

5) Click CONTINUE SHOPPING to continue shopping (OPTIONAL); 

6) Apply DISCOUNT CODE or GIFT CARD if available; 


7) Select how you would like to checkout below: 


- Click HERE to CHECK OUT.


If you need further assistance, click HERE to CONTACT US


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