Warehouses filter

Warehouse filters

Warehouse filters are now available for you to browse the site by your warehouse of choice. Please note, we are still working to improve this popular site feature.

Warehouse filter bar enables you to inquire products from single/ multiple/ All warehouse(s) under product listing page, product description page or search result page

Product listing page

Product description page

Search result page



Products filtered by single warehouse by clicking the desired warehouse and the selected warehouse will be highlighted in BLUE

Products filtered by two or more warehouses by clicking the second desired warehouse follow by previous selected warehouse(s)

Products from ALL warehouses filtered by clicking "All" you will see products from all warehouses

Reference table for initials and corresponding warehouse(s)

Initial Warehouse
All All warehouses
Global International (Hong Kong) warehouse
AU Australia warehouse
EU Europe warehouse
UK United Kingdom warehouse
US (East) United States (East) warehouse
US (West) United States (West) warehouse 

Remarks: You can unselect selected warehouse by clicking the highlighted icon at anytime while "All" can't come with other warehouses.


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