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Your product description was wrong. What can I do?

All product descriptions and specifications are subject to change without notice. You may kindly return the items to us in Brand New condition if you cannot use the products.

*Please visit our “Returns & Refund” session on support page for more detailed information.


If you need further assistance, please SUBMIT A REQUEST to our Product Specialists

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    Ken Humphries

    The last order which I had delivered contained one item which was incorrect. Six li-po's - all the same - were ordered. One of the li-po's was different from all of the others. I have taken appropriate photos, and tried to submit a formal claim, using your website. I am unable to upload the photos, and thus unable to to submit a claim. Can you please provide me with an email address that I can use, to submit my claim AND the photos.

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    Ken Humphries

    Please reply to my email address - krwh@myfreeola.com

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    Bernard verrier

    y have bout 3 turnygy afhds réception but its no possible to bin whis my turnigy i 10 wat y do now?
    j'ai acheté 3 récepteurs turnigy afhds il ne marchent pas impossible de bin dérange avec ma radio turnigy I 10
    que me proposez vous que dois je faire?

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    Comedybros HD

    Ich habe ein Artikel doppelt gekauft und möchte mein zurück geben

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    Carl Noblet

    What is the"C of G" for the Hobbyking 70mm BAE hawk?

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