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Why Is My Order Not Yet Shipped?

Your order may have not been shipped yet due to any or one of the reasons below: 


1. You ordered an item in BK or not in stock 

When will the item/s return to stock? 


2. You placed an item in stock, then suddenly turned out of stock


3. You request to put your order to be put on hold


4. We require payment security check on your order  


5. Others. If the reason is not mentioned above, click here to contact Live Customer Support for further assistance. 

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  • Avatar
    Mihail Vinokurov

    Hello! 20.02.2009 paid for the order #600022673 . Today, in a month at it the status-is POSTPONED. Did you send it or not? Why is it taking so long to get any information?

  • Avatar
    ed ross

    Where is my order it said 1 to 3 days shipping,I don't know how you guys stay in business, same old bullshit every damn time bullshit excuses platinum member means nothing web site constantly buffers

  • Avatar
    Stephen Lyon

    Not very good with customer service and or communication, It's nice to be kept in the loop, where's my aeroplane ?

  • Avatar
    yo jun jin

    3/28 주문한거 배송 추적이 안됩니다~~~!!!
    주문한지 한달이 넘었는데~~~언제 도착할까요~~~???

  • Avatar
    yo jun jin

    주문한지 한달이 넘었는데~~~! 아직 도착하지 않았어요~~~!!!
    배송추적도 안되고~~~! 언제쯤 도착할까요~~~!!!????

  • Avatar
    MIAS Fabrice

    When I will received my order 22200138002 ?
    Thank you. Fabrice Mias (fabricemias@free.fr)

  • Avatar
    Alexander Kermas

    Liebes HobbyKing-Team,
    ich habe meine Bestellung 300205348, nach jetzt fast 6 Wochen Wartezeit, leider noch nicht erhalten.
    Könnten Sie da bitte nachforschen, wo mein Bestellung abgeblieben ist?
    Danke =).

  • Avatar
    Petri Salo

    Order 101781557 why my order hasent shipped

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