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PayPal: When Can I Expect My Refund?

  • PayPal payments can be refunded in full or partial for valid and necessary refund request arrangements.

  • Transactions less the 120 days will be refunded by HobbyKing within 7 business days or less if we are not experiencing a high volume of request.

  • Transactions more than 120 days but less than 1 year will be refunded within 1 to 2 weeks .or less if we are not experiencing a high volume of request

  • Once refunded by HobbyKing, it can take PayPal 3-5 business days to return the funds to your account.

** If you need further assistance, click HERE to CONTACT US.

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  • Avatar
    Harald Weber

    unfortunately, my credit of 30.83€ on the new order is not automatically credited.

    Please, transfer my credit to my PayPal account:


    PROVIDES 30.83€ OF 30.83€ OF 8/2/2018 23:19

  • Avatar
    kai wong

    Order 101627594
    You have cancelled my order. Please refund my payment in full to my Paypal account as I do not want a store credit.

  • Avatar
    Thomas Hannes

    Hello i miss my Order .
    it was ship on the November
    AfterShip number

    Singapore Post

  • Avatar
    Annette Bain

    please refund paypall payment as per your request, this should not be this hard!
    order 101815805

  • Avatar
    sandra lucas

    Bonjour, à ce jour je n'ai toujours pas été remboursé des articles en rupture de stock !
    Merci de faire le nécessaire
    N° transaction : 7HR20612SH577612V

    We appreciate your effort in bringing this matter to us. Upon checking, the Product ID:9249001176-0,9249001143-0,9249001152-0,646000009-0 and 9052000023-3 are currently out of stock thats why it holds the shipment. We are offering the following options for resolution: - Cancel the back order items and issue the amount via store credits to your HobbyKing account. - Cancel the back order items and issue the amount as PayPal refund. Your response will be appreciated.

    3 mars 2019 18:13:34 UTC+1

  • Avatar
    le berre Yoan

    Bonjour ,
    Malgré plusieurs tentative de demande de remboursement vous faite la sourde oreille et ne voulez pas me rembourser ma dernier commande de 61euros.
    Pourriez vous faire le nécessaire.


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