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My Order Has No Tracking Information. What Should I Do?

  • If your chosen shipping method has a tracking number, but the tracking number is not available yet after it is posted (status: "Complete"), you may contact us on Live Chat (recommended) or send a request through the Help Center for further assistance.



  • If you have a tracking number, but there is no tracking status or information, there might only be a delay in updating the tracking details. Be advised that some international mail can take between 17-40 days to arrive at its destination and tracking is only updated when it reaches certain checkpointsIt may be many days between tracking updates. This will not affect your parcel's transit time.



See here on How to Find Your Tracking#

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  • Avatar
    charles lecointe

    ORDER #200101617
    Hello order not received yet.
    Send me one back
    Thanks you

  • Avatar
    Alan Collins

    YOUR SHIPMENT # 101527424 FOR ORDER # 101623031

    Where is it ..Tracking info is hopeless...Other part of order arrived days ago from Hong Kong

  • Avatar
    Ciro De Michele

    ORDINE #500050977
    perche questo ritardo nella consegna ???
    ciro de michele

  • Avatar
    tommaso florino

    order #500050749 not received at all.

  • Avatar
    Heinz Pfaffinger

    My order (300214021) is not incomming. i have no tracking info and it's long ago since i ordered. From HK i became no answer. What should i do?


    Edited by Heinz Pfaffinger
  • Avatar
    Björn Petersson

    I have recieved my hovercraft but batteries which I included in my order has arrived yet.
    Order #102013926
    What to do?

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