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Why Do I Need To Provide The Copy Of My Credit Card Image And Bank Statement?

Your order may be put on hold for us to conduct payment security check - this is to make sure that our customer's account is secured from potential online fraudulent activities.

If we find mismatched on your payment and order details, we will require you to send a credit card image or bank statement for verification before we process the order. We do this for security purposes for our valued customer. 

**You will be notified via email for the required Credit Card image or Bank Statement.

Credit Card Image

For the credit card image, it should show only the name, the first and last 4 digits of your credit card number. Another requirement is a copy of your valid ID. Once provided and validated, we will continue processing your order. 

Please note that there is no need to show the  expiration date of your credit card. Also, there is no need to send us the image of the back of your card. 


Bank Statement

Provide us a copy of your bank statement related to the transaction of your order. Once you have sent the required document, we will continue processing your order.

***If you failed to provide the required details within 7 days, your order will be cancelled and payment will be refunded directly to the payment method used; unless you have requested a period of time to send the requirements. 

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    Riley Seers

    Where do I send it too though ?

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    Frank Lewalski

    How and to which mail do I have to send this?

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