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What Is The Restocking Period For Backorder (BK) Items?

Items are a first come / first reserve basis. Our restocking period may vary based on demands and on our suppliers.


Most items are typically replenished within 30 days, but you can also contact our Customer Support for the date of arrival of our products.

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  • Avatar
    pietro gelfo

    order 22200112206
    can you give me a delivery date for this order
    thank you

  • Avatar
    Marco Dall'Olmo

    Order - #101491324
    Since August 2018 in Bk order. How long should wait for spare parts. Or Hobbyking models should be throw in a bin when broken. Please be clear to you're customer because 5 month waiting is absolutely IMMORAL.

  • Avatar
    Darryl Moore

    May I please have an update on order #101699835. And when it will be replenished, shipped, and out for delivery!..Thanks in Advance

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