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I received my Order with a missing part. What should I do?

Please fill in the RMA Form under the order with a missing part. You need to complete this form for recording purposes but it does not necessarily mean you will return the item to us. Click HERE for the instruction on how to complete the RMA form


Our warranty team will update your RMA status shortly for possible solution.

 * Never accept a parcel that is crushed, damaged, or has been left open (possibly allowing the contents to fall out).


If you identified that there is a missing item in your parcel, you will need to include a photo of the full postage slip (must show weight on slip): 

Note: You need to show all information in the postage slip. 


You may refer to the following links for further details:

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  • Avatar
    Jerry Woodhouse

    My Original Order # 101489844
    Sukhoi SU26 20cc 1520mm (60") Aerobatic Sports Plane (ARF)

    For my warranty claim was for missing items – is Claim # 100040950
    What about the Missing Manual ???
    Can you email me a PDF copy of the manual ?

  • Avatar
    Klaus Gebhard

    Order No:16680878 , Got my parcel and on first looking at I am missing the plan to build the fuselage. For Wings to build is inside. Item HK-9099000084-0, Fokker Dr.1 Laser cut Balsa Model Kit (NL Warehouse). Perhaps it is possible to send a PDF File via email to print at Home. Otherwise you can not Build the Plane. Regards Klaus

  • Avatar

    Terry Philip
    Hello My order number 101666342
    Navy Cub J3
    On arrival the pack is missing the instructions for assembly and the undercarriage fitting fixtures
    It is not possible to build the aircraft with these parts, would you kindly send them to my address ASAP Regards
    Terry Philip

  • Avatar
    Hans Minnee

    My order number 1000033500 is not fully delivered: all items from Hong Kong warehouse have still not arrived in spite of a mail from Hobby King claiming so.
    I miss the spare 3 wing sets, 2 propeller sets and the spare wheel set for my H-King B25J

  • Avatar
    Michael Muellner

    My order number is 101782416
    Claim ID is 100051912
    Cannot find Adress of European Warehouse for sending back defect item ( attens soldering station)

  • Avatar
    Joan Migneault

    My order for the Avios Grand Tundra did not have an instruction book. How do I get one if customer support doesn't even acknolwage your emails. I have written four time & no answer. I;m getting tired of this.

  • Avatar
    Jan Hess


    I received order 17241824 and on the invoice and package missing turnigy motors.

    Please let me know,Thank you


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