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Customer Guide to Selecting the Question Types

Here's the guide in selecting question type when contacting via Live Chat:

Question Types Department Description
Order Status - Back Ordered (BO) Item CS team Order inquiry is about BO or OA item/s
Order Status - Not Yet Shipped CS team Order is not yet shipped after the order processing time (within 2 to 3 days)
Order Status - Shipped (Tracking) CS team Order inquiry is about the shipping/delivery information. Within the transit time.
Order Status - Delayed Delivery CS team Order inquiry is about the shipping delivery delay. Outside the transit time, investigation, lost parcels, etc.
Order Modification CS team All order edit requests
Product Inquiry - Availability CS team Checking for product availability
Product Inquiry – Compatibility CS team Checking for product compatibility
Product Inquiry - Set up CS team Checking for product set-up advice, instructions, product manual
Product Inquiry - Specs CS team Checking for product specification
Payment - How to CS team Inquiry on how to settle payments (Checkout, additional payment, bonus points, reward points, discount codes, etc)
Payment - Unsuccessful CS team Payment made but shows unpaid, insufficient payment supporting information provided, etc
Payment - Refund Status CS team Inquiry about the order money or store credit refund (partial or full)
Warranty Support - General CS team Warranty support NOT requiring returns
Warranty Support - Returns CS team Warranty support requiring returns
Website Issue CS team System issues
Parcel Self Collection CS team Order inquiry about self-pickup or self-collection
Feedback and Suggestions CS team All feedback and suggestions
Returned Order - Shipping Issue CS team All return scenarios due to shipping issues: customs tax, incorrect address, undeliverable, etc
Feedback on Website Refresh CS team Feedback about the new website (enhancements, improvements, etc)
Durafly And/Or Avios CS team All Durafly and Avios concern (being handled by USCS)
Inventor's Portal - Interested Supplier CS team Interested suppliers - those who want to become our suppliers
Inventor's Portal - Product Idea CS team Sharing of product inventions, product improvements, ideas that could be applied in our own products
Wholesale Multichannel All wholesale concerns, inquiries
eBay Multichannel All eBay concerns, inquiries
Amazon Multichannel All Amazon concerns, inquiries

Here's the guide in selecting question type when submitting a TICKET REQUEST:

Question Types
Amazon or eBay Orders: Amazon
Amazon or eBay Orders::eBay
Feedback and Suggestions: Feedback on Website Refresh
Feedback and Suggestions: General Feedback / Suggestions
Feedback and Suggestions: Website Issues
HobbyKing Account
Inventor's Portal: Interested Supplier
Inventor's Portal: Product Ideas
Order Issues: Order Cancellation Request*
Order Issues: Backordered (BO) Item
Order Issues: Delayed Order (Not Yet Shipped)
Order Issues: Invoice or Customs Issues
Order Issues: Not Yet Shipped (Within Processing Time)
Order Issues: Order Modification Request
Order Issues: Parcel Self Collection
Order Issues: Returned Order due to Shipping Issue
Order Issues: Shipped (Tracking issues)
Payment Issues: How to pay?
Payment Issues: Payment Unsuccessful
Payment Issues: Refund Status
Product Questions: 3D Printers
Product Questions: Availability of Item
Product Questions: Compatibility
Product Questions: Durafly And/Or Avios
Product Questions: Set up Help
Product Questions: Specifications (Specs)
Sales and Promotions
Spam, Autoreply or Junk
Warranty Support: Faulty Items
Warranty Support: General Warranty/RMA Questions
Warranty Support: Items Returned for Warrant Issues/RMA
Warranty Support: Missing Items

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