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Can I Pay in my Country's Local Currency?

Yes, however, foreign currency payments will be converted to an equivalent amount in USD as we accept USD payments only. You may check our Website's FAQ for more detailed information about this.


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    Dylan Campbell

    Your advertised prices in the local currency (AUD) needs to be closer to the actual price paid after conversion. The last two items cost 6% more. If you only accept US make the advertised price closer to the price paid. Doesn't matter if it's PayPal or credit card.

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    James Chapman-Booth

    You should make this much more clear on your website. There was nothing to say this and my order showed as GBP on the checkout page. The item is being delivered from within the UK. I've now been dinged for a foreign transaction fee. Lesson learned - I won't be ordering from you again.

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    Henk Smit

    I like to pay in euro's in advance. Zo it's no risk for you. Just give me your ibannumber.