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I have not designed a product but I have a great idea I would like to share.

We are always interested in new ideas while sharing an idea will generally not qualify you for royalties if there is something you have always wanted to see being offered by HobbyKing we would like to have your input.

Please send your idea(s) to marketing@hobbyking.com with the following details:

  • Description: A sentence or 2 describing the idea/invention/technology.
  • Describe the possible uses for this invention: There might be more than one application or use for your invention, feel free to list as many as you like.
  • Who do you see being interested in this innovation?: You can name companies, industries, or types of people.

You might be invited to work with us as a beta tester or receive free samples during the development process!

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    My name is Graham Harvard,
    Had Glasgow University look upon my Idea,
    Fully AU-FAIT with copyright, trade mark, and patents.
    Exponential growth, over to your CEO.
    Simply a handshake is good for me.
    Models, simply it is my 'HOBBY'
    I brought the 'Surmount' 800 to Largs, back check your orders to
    'Kilbirnie' some 30 plus yachts ,,,,,
    That simple.

    However the idea is Global as is the 'Hobby'.
    Let's start at 7% and go down,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    over to you guy's,
    In good faith,
    Graham Harvard,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    May name is Jim Coffin have been in hobby for many years. A product not on your website is a vario unit for sailplaner or height limiter for the new laws. You can buy a new radio that has it belt in but it can not be that hard to make separately.

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    Karl. Two great additions to the EDF aircraft range would be the TSR2 and the Blackburn Buccaneer. It should not be too difficult as the DH110 Sea Vixen is proof of a good EDF design. I believe both models would prove to be in great demand.

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    I think a CT 114 Tutor, 60" wingspan would be a popular pick, EPO, with flaps, lights retracts, smoke? Jet Legend and CARF produce a version for the Jetcat turbine..out of price range for most...Canadian Snowbird paint scheme.. 9 great r/c pilots would be able to create one cool show!

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    Hi HK,
    New Zealand could really use their own warehouse. There is a very large RC community here and we have to import everything. This takes a lot of time and we have to pay extra tax on imported items, not to mention shipping costs. There is not much competition with hobby shops, so hobby shops are very expensive and do not carry much stuff except for stuff they like themselves. Having a hobby king in auckland or tauranga with the entire line of RCs would undoubtedly be a massive success from day one. If you guys were to come to nz I would love to be employed by you.


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    Hello Hobbyking,

    I fly rc-planes, indoors and outdoors.
    I have also 2 sailboats.
    I am interested now in having a model land yacht or an rc landsailer.
    I'm sure i am not alone.
    Perhaps an opportunity for Hobbyking to develop an rc landsailer in the near future ?

    Thanks for your answer ! Patrick Rogiers

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    I am assuming that your business is to make money ?... Right ? Well I have an idea that you have been overlooking. I have read several posts pleading for this product, and am really surprised that you have not caught on to this market demand. And totally ignored this opportunity to sell a lot of a product that you already have in stock...
    Again... sort of like when your website throws a pop-up with a "one time offer only"... If you want to sell a bunch of SKU: 9174000010-0. Then offer them in the US warehouses... they will sell like crazy...

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    I'll keep it simple, things I'd like to see:
    Land yacht
    Rock Crawler
    There are heaps of cars, planes and fizboats etc out there but something different, if done well (that I know HK would do) would be a great asset to the range.
    Cheers, Iain

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    I've been looking around for where I should post this but I'll do it here.

    When will you guys get the HobbyKing™ Edge 540 3D Profile EPP 960mm (ARF) and HobbyKing™ Extra 330 3D Profile EPP 870mm (ARF) in the United States warehouses?

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    I would also like to see a hovercraft

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    I would like to see an Enola Gay superfortress that drops a parachuting bomb

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    BW Oostdam

    Multirotor - different type of power distribution board. Existing of array (strip) of 3,5 bullet connectors.

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    Hi Hobbyking,
    I would like to see...
    More helicopter fuselage please for 500 or 600 heli kits.
    with many types of helicopters body fuselages.
    And I hope to have helicopters CH - 47C Chinook electric heli kits from hobbyking, very hard to find .
    CH - 47C with a Chinook helicopter rotor blades 500 or 600 heli kits
    Also more bodyshell for rc car 1:10 short course , from proline or Jconcepts , do not miss also tire & wheel for 1:10 SC .
    Thank you.

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    Hi hobbyking
    On the electric racing boat scene we all need the parts ETTI manufacture could you not do a deal and stock there products

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    Robert I would like to see HobbyKing sell the Curtriss P-6E Hawk made of EPO foam, in the original colors, electric power, with a 1400 mm wingspan. Thank You

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    David Lowther

    DAVID Hi Hobbyking. I agree with Chris above ,as a electric boat racer we need ETTI products to continue racing in the UK.

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    Hello, Hobbyking!
    I'm from Russia. It was bad surprize for me, when I found no russian (soviet) war planes of WW2 period in your store. There many German, English, American planes, but Soviet air forces, which made a major contribution for the Victory in 1945 almost not shown.
    For example, it was very popular war plane of WW2: IL-2
    It was a most produced war plane in world history (more then 36 000).
    I think, it is good idea to make a scale copy of this with its traits, like 3-blade propeller, rear gun etc.
    IL-2 had a very powerfull motor, so, 6S LiPo will be the best, I think. As an additional featuer you can offer for your customers from northern contries a ski landing gear for snow landing. There is nothing similar on the market now!

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    One for your radio control team:
    Many gokart tracks would like to fit out their tracks with the red/blue/yellow/green flag marshal lights similar (but no where as big!) to the F1 tracks now use. It can be done with radio control 2.4Ghz gear now but it is a clumsy system to get going.
    A 6 or 8 button TX with 6 or 8 RXers woudl be good. The lights themselves can be single 5 - 10W LEDs with a 100mm x 100mm diffuser over them all run off a LIPO (the Rx units need to be self powered for middle of the track use, and water proof) .
    Range needs to be about 1Km over ground from TX to RX. I have built a system but can only get a bit over 60m .

    Radio control car tracks, may be even model airfields could use the same system for track and runway control.
    The system may not be a high volume sales generator, but it would be unique and put your name out in front of a lot of people.

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    My suggestion is to have a holiday hack, simply reasonable robust,light cheap etc, and able to fold down into it's box and around 1.5m wingspan. Good quality, easy to use and assemble, fly well for sports in a bit of wind, and land in a small area. All the things that would make it easy to chuck in the car and have a fly.

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    frank alscher

    Trying to build an HK 500 TT and don't know what servos to use.
    HobbyKing should put together a servo combo pack for the HK 500TT
    Resonably priced with metal gears. .

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    I would like to see hobby king develop a 60inch wing span electric piper tomahawk they are in demand and you cant find them anywhere I would love to see hobby king put one on the market larry

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    The torch in this kit should come with a XT60 plug and BEC of some sort to make it batterypowered, let's face it, every RC'er has an XT60 or similiar. Maybe bananaplugs instead, like the ones you use in the charger.

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    FPV Air gates would be a great product for hobbyking to sell as fpv racing is becoming more & more popular

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    Mark Ayriss

    Hi Hobbyking. May I suggest a Selfie Stick where its telescopic but not flimsy. Needs to be made of Aluminium so it wont rust but be light and strong. Waterproof with a grippy waterproof handle. I would suggest one that has the Turnigy Action Camera, waterproof case mount directly fitted to the end allowing direct and secure fitment of the waterproof case. Sell this for under $10 and you will be on to a winner. Imagine the images you caould gat using this when launching a DLG! Epic! Mark

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    Hey Hobbyking,
    I'm searching for a small and lightweight solution for a multichannel receiver switch. The purpose for that is a camera shutter which has a focus state before the trigger shots. I have something in mind like your avaiable reciever remote switch, but with more channels. In example:
    PWM 1200-1400 triggers channel1 1400-1600 triggers channel2 and so on....
    In conjuction with some dip switch configuration possibilities like Mode 1: channel 1 stays on as ch2 get triggered with higher pwm. Mode2: Ch1 releases after ch2 get in and so on... You know shure what i mean. This would get us a lot of possibilities. You can also make a version with seperated outputs (2wire per channel) and a one wire input Version, with multiple outputs. Thanks

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    "Q-tip props". These are too difficult to make by hand. Basically they are props with the tips bent to form winglets. They are used in full-size craft. You should make them for multirotor guys. Google "Q-tip" propellers for info.

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    G'day Hobbyking!

    I'm into scale rc planes and I think you guys should make a Boeing 737! 2 EDF units on a 1.8m wingspan aircraft. Make sure you make spare parts as I know I will be crashing one. Also scale lights will make it the perfect model. And PLEASE make it affordable. Anything over $350 and I really start to think about it.

    Thanks HobbyKing!!!

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    I can't believe you guys don't sell a real rock crawler yet. If you could make a quality one for less than 200 usd I will buy two. I'd like to see a mid eighties Toyota hilux body and a mid eighties Chevy blazer body. A unimog would also be good. Even if the crawler was only 1/16 scale.

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    Hi Hobby King,
    I was looking at your cheap Telemetry options.
    I was wondering if you could produce a Telemetry system that uses Wi-Fi, this way you could receive battery alarm etc straight to your phone, also possible to receive the flight data etc for post flight review. Lots of options/possibility's,,, what do you think??

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    BW Oostdam

    I would very much like to see a timer on my Lipo (balance) chargers. Like with some coffee machines, so the coffee is ready when you wake up, or better yet, acivate them through the Internet. Remaining daylight for flying is very short after working hours. Waiting for my batteries to charge often just takes too long. Always wish I could have started charging earlier in the day...