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I have a product I already produce and sell, I would like to know if Hobbyking is interested.

We sure are! If you have a product that would be suitable for our customer base we would encourage you to get in touch with us at wholesale@hobbyking.com. We are always looking for fresh products to bring to our customers.

** If you need further assistance, click HERE to CONTACT US.

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    I have designed a nice small aircraft which flies really easy and cheap to build. How do I make this design under your attention?

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    I live in Colombia and bought several times but since only send batteries by (FedEx priority) me worth more costly shipping and taxes in my country that the product itself please sell the FRSKY without battery so that everyone in Colombia as we can buy with economic costs

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    Petr Korinek

    Hello I live in CZECH REPUBLIC and I think you can set up a branch in CZECH REPUBLIC. There's a lot of modelers who would welcome CZECH REPUBLIC STORE :-).

    Petr Korinek

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    Sheilda- I work for The Tiffen Company, Hauppauge, New York- My company designed and sell a Steadicam Curve for the Go Pro Camera. Beautiful Colors: Blue, Red,Black,Silver... USA Colors. We also sell a Zing Pouch that holds the camera and curve perfectly... visit our website www.tiffen.com. At the top of the home page your will find out list of divisions, click on steadicam, curve.. Item Number for the Zing Pouch 565-421. I appreciate your feedback. Sincerely, Sheilda Brooks

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    Greetings Hobby King,

    I am very happy to reach out to you with my companies first product, the Metiri™ product line of Smart Energy Meters. I think you will be interested in this product as it is simular to a "Watts Up" meter, but with the features a hobbyist would love. Please take a look at my website and let me know if you would like to evaluate a unit.

    Thank you and Take Care,

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    Oscar L.

    Hola, este cuando lo podemos tener en Hobby King?

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    No prop reamers. Many taper reamers, but no step reamers for standard prop sizes. Prop step reamers are on the shelf at the stores and several manufacturers. Please acquire.

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    My name is Pham Cong Danh, from Ho Chi Minh city, VN. My Company has manufactured and processed some parts of heli and others. Now we want to sell out of VN. I will give some picture of product. If you interest, please reply via email: abinhco@yahoo.com

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    Justin Roberts

    How long does it take to respond? 3 weeks must be a 'not interested'?

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    This is main 3D VIDEO GLASSES manufacturer in China.
    The greatest features of our product has HDMI interface.
    It can connect Blu-ray DVD, Drones, computer,table PC, xbox, psp and iphone 4/5/5s/6 samsung etc.
    Support devices:devices with HDMI output (Blu-ray DVD, Drones, computer,table PC, xbox, psp etc.)
    devices with MHL protocol(iphone 4/5/5s/6 samsung etc.)
    Luxurious private cinema belong to you. Leading optical design give you a different Visual enjoyment.

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    Dear Sir.
    I live in Korea.
    I'm planning to sell "Full Folding Quadcopter Frame"
    The product of "Full Folding Quadcopter Frame" was made alrady.

    I also want to sell globally through Hobbyking
    Would you let me know what i should do for that.
    Please refer to the sample pictures and video movies.

    -.Model : Chaos-X460
    -.Full Folding Frame
    -.The hinge with folding Arms was connected with Bolts made specially,
    so it wouldn't be released at all after repeatedily folding and unfolding the arms.
    -.New tarot Clamp .
    -.With Gimbal , it is possible to mount the top an bottom platform.

    -.Frame Weight : 410g
    -.Wheelbase : 460mm
    -.Prop Size : 10~11 inch
    -.Folde Size : 223x288x33 mm
    -.ARM : 16mm Carbon fiber
    - Center Plate : High Quality Epoxy 2T

    e-mail : golilla20@gmail.com or golilla20@naver.com
    Thank you for your corporations and understanding in advance.

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    Hello, I have an open source high power electric speed controller that I am apart of the development of, I want to get this board out into the publics eye more.

    The electric speed controller is great for robots, RC cars, boats, plains, any DC but also electric bikes and skateboard application, arduino/raspberry Pi compatible.
    We use advanced methods of control to get a smoother more start up torque with out the need for sensors.

    The specs are:

    The hardware and software is open source. Since there are plenty of CPU-resources left, the customization possibilities are almost endless.
    STM32F4 microcontroller.
    DRV8302 MOSFET driver / buck converter / current shunt amplifier.
    IRFS7530 MOEFETs (other FETs in the same package also fit).
    5V 1A output for external electronics from the buck converter integrated on the DRV8302.
    Voltage: 8V – 60V (Safe for 3S to 12S LiPo).
    Current: Up to 240A for a couple of seconds or about 50A continuous no heat sink or 100A constant with.
    Firmware based on ChibiOS/RT.
    PCB size: slightly less than 40mm x 60mm.
    Current and voltage measurement on all phases.
    Regenerative braking.
    DC motors are also supported.
    Sensored or sensorless operation.
    A GUI with lots of configuration parameters
    Adaptive PWM frequency to get as good ADC measurements as possible.
    RPM-based phase advance (or timing/field weakening).
    Good start-up torque in the sensorless mode (and obviously in the sensored mode as well).
    The motor is used as a tachometer, which is good for odometry on modified RC cars.
    Duty-cycle control, speed control or current control.
    Seamless 4-quadrant operation.
    Interface to control the motor: PPM signal (RC servo), analog, UART, I2C, USB or CAN-bus.
    Wireless wii nunchuk (Nyko Kama) control through the I2C port. This is convenient for electric skateboards.
    Consumed and regenerated amp-hour and watt-hour counting.
    Optional PPM signal output. Useful when e.g. controlling an RC car from a raspberry pi or an android device.
    The USB port uses the modem profile, so an Android device can be connected to the motor controller without rooting. Because of the servo output, the odometry and the extra ADC inputs (that can be used for sensors), this is perfect for modifying an RC car to be controlled from Android (or raspberry pi).
    Adjustable protection against
    Low input voltage
    High input voltage
    High motor current
    High input current
    High regenerative braking current (separate limits for the motor and the input)
    Rapid duty cycle changes (ramping)
    High RPM (separate limits for each direction).
    When the current limits are hit, a soft back-off strategy is used while the motor keeps running. If the current becomes way too high, the motor is switched off completely.
    The RPM limit also has a soft back-off strategy.
    Commutation works perfectly even when the speed of the motor changes rapidly. This is due to the fact that the magnetic flux is integrated after the zero crossing instead of adding a delay based on the previous speed.
    When the motor is rotating while the controller is off, the commutations and the direction are tracked. The duty-cycle to get the same speed is also calculated. This is to get a smooth start when the motor is already spinning.
    All of the hardware is ready for sensorless field-oriented control (FOC).
    Fully customisable parameters and data read out is done buy a custom desktop application Linux,Windows,OS X.
    We selling over 100pcs of this ESC. Per month, we can get our factory to start to produce more and offer you wholesale, or as it is open source you can have them made your selfs.

    Thanks for your time
    Jacob Griffin-Bloy

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    Love to work with you to help get your customers a great value on a the Kodak Pixpro SP360 action cam for aerial or action video footage. Pretty awesome what you can do now that YouTube makes it easy to interact with and our software is beyond easy to use and share with. If you can watch this video on a mobile device tilting and turning will allow you to navigate around the video. If you are on a web browser you and drag your mouse around the video on Chrome and Firefox.
    Call me if you're excited! https://youtu.be/9trecXlEJWI

    Adam Larson

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    I Have made I product that I would like to se out there ,this product well be use on all airplane I have 5 out there working it well be a great add-on to all rc been made from now on small and large plane ???
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    bonjour je vie en algerie passionner de modelisme j'ais concue et fabriquer une table de decoupage du polystyrene pour les aile d'avion simple ca coute pas chér et pas besoin cd-une cnc . email: mamadmohamed83@gmail.com

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    Kyuhyong You

    Dear Marketing Manager,

    I have made a prototype racing drone that is readily available for full manufacturing with a little amount of funds for injection molding and assembly.
    The drone I designed is aimed for easy handling and light weight as well as nice looking design.
    Four arms can be folded so that it even can be fit into user's pocket.
    It also has patent pending folding mechanism combined with modular battery so that the battery can be slide into the body and no additional works need to be done to power the drone.
    Followings are specifications of the drone.
    Frame size: 200mm x 200mm (when arms fully stretched w/o prop)
    120(w) x 200(l) (when folded)
    280mm Motor to motor
    Battery: 3S 1500mAh modular battery with indicators
    Motors: 1806 2300kV motor
    ESC: 20A BLheli
    FC: Supports Naze32, PX4, etc..
    If you are interested in feel free to mail:

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    Greetings! We are HGLRC, we invented a unique RC product, can you take a look at it? If you're interested please contact me: mandy_hglrc@outlook.com

    This is an HGLRC F3 V2 integration Flight control
    1、 F3 fully functional(6dof or 10dof)
    2、 Integration OSD functional & Auto Switch Mode(USB/OSD)
    3、 5V3A&12V/3A BEC for CAM、VTX or LED…..
    4、 The six of ESC signal bonding pads,remove needle
    5、 Support LIPO 2S-6S , Battery and ESC VCC&GND bonding pads
    6、 4 layer PCBA copper foil & 2OZ golden boards
    7、 Five electrostatic protection circuit
    8、 Overcurrent ~130A+

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    Hey Hobby King,

    Glad to hear that you're in the market of drones & accesorries.

    Specialized in this field for 2 years, with high standard quality control & precise cost control, we found & keep our leadership among competitors in China.

    From 7/4 to 8/4, 3 hot DJI items have sales promotion. DJI Phantom 3 4 Hardshell backpack, DJI Phantom 3 Carbon Fiber Propelles, Remote Controller Monitor Hood.

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

    Thanks for checking.

    Best regards,

    Frank Wang
    Sales Manager

    Email: frank@beyondsky.net
    Cell: (86) 138 0228 3854
    Skype: beyondsky.net
    Beyondsky Trading Co., Ltd

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    Wiiboox 3D printer and Scanner is looking for business plan with HobbyKing .please contact me for more information .www.wiiboox.net .

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    Marlon BELL

    plug and play collision avoidance system for DIY drones http://www.reflexcopter.com/

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    eddie mose

    The INVENTOR PORTAL icon when clicked will only go to the FAQ page. FPV-R/C would like to submit 2 new products: 250mm Sports Utility Multirotor "Drone" & a Power Distribution Hub "PDH". Some time ago we "FPV-R/C" downloaded the Non-Disclosure Agreement and Contract for the Manufacture and Sales of Goods from the INVENTOR PORTAL. We would like to submit the forms. FPV-R/C is a grass roots start up. please replay to this inquiry and we will send pictures and videos of the 2 products.

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    Lynn Ling

    Hello,Sir who is responsible for HobbyKing
    Glad to know from Google you're a specialized RC hobby models online platform,and we’re interested in being your long-term supplier.
    This is Lynn,Overseas sales from Shenzhen WFLY Technology Development Co.,Ltd,we're specialized RC transmitter and receiver R&D manufacturer in China since 2004,as famous as FrSky in China RC hobby field.
    We WFLY do not only R&D and produce RC products,but also provide customers with RC designs or programs,and always welcome OEM/ODM orders.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks & Best regards
    Lynn Ling
    Shenzhen WFLY Technology Development Co., Ltd
    Mob:+86-189 2382 0083(Wechat/WhatsApp)