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Why Is My Order UnPaid/Pending After Payment?


Credit card payments will usually reflect in our account within a few hours after you submit the order.

If your order is unpaid/pending 24 hours after submitting payment, you may contact us so we can manually check your order status. Please provide us with your order number and transaction number if possible.

** If you need further assistance, click HERE to CONTACT US.

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  • Avatar
    Dylan Young

    i cancelled a order about a week ago and havent got any of my money back

  • Avatar
    frazier ford

    Appeared that my order was paid almost 3 week the status still show complete when will it be shipped

  • Avatar
    Asun Wang

    Can I cancel my order ..?

  • Avatar
    James Rust

    Can you call me 432 215 8731 about my order