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Ongoing Website Improvements

Hobbyking.com has recently undergone a major site refresh. This is to ensure we’re delivering you the best possible on-site experience. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we roll out new and popular features across the site.

Changes to the site which are on the way include:

  • New and improved site search functionality

With such an extensive and often-technical range of products, searching the site and finding what you’re after can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why we’re working to deliver you the best possible on-site search functionality to help you find the products that you’re after faster. Look out for a smarter and more intuitive on-site search experience resulting in more time for you to browse and buy the products you love.  

  • General site improvements

With the site refresh, there have been smaller bugs that have arisen from existing and new changes to the site which we’re working to resolve on a day to day basis. Rest assured we’re documenting these issues and working through them as quickly as possible.

There are many more exciting site changes on the way so please check back to keep up to date on what we’re working on.

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  • Avatar
    rudi adam
  • Avatar
    Simone Bianchi

    I'm deeply sorry to say that the new website it has been a total disaster. Please give us back the old one. It was not the coolest, but it did work.

  • Avatar
    Der-Heliladen Holger Cukrowski

    The new website doesn`t show parts which are not in stock, why??? You cancel parts from my wishlist when they are not in stock.

  • Avatar
    Rogelio Fajardo Cervantes

    Your new page is slow and complicated: a disaster. Same as your new stocks: another disaster.

  • Avatar
    Furio Fattori

    I would like buy in hobby king U.s.a. warehouse because I live in Florida.....but I don't try the USA warehouse. ....when I make my login the sistem put in contact with Europe Warehouse and I can't buy in U.a. a.
    This new website is a disaster! !!!!!!!!!!