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How do I Complete a PayPal Express Checkout?

1) For Express PayPal Check-Out, simply click "PAYPAL";

*Be advised you will not be able to use any of your Store Credit or Rewards Points using this method.

2)  Select your BILLING address and click CONTINUE;

**Be advised that the selected BILLING address will also be your SHIPPING address. Shipping address entered into PayPal will NOT import into HobbyKing system.

3)  Select your Shipping method address and click CONTINUE;

4) Key in your Paypal payment information;

*Once payment is settled, your order number will appear and you will receive a payment confirmation email with your order number.

** If you need further assistance, click HERE to CONTACT US.


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  • Avatar
    Roy Oetting

    Several times recently I tries to order something and during checkout the page locks up. This is wrong.

  • Avatar
    nils Grossefeste

    And it is honestly not working well! Asking me to add a Bundesland - even if it is correctly added. I cant finish shoppping...

  • Avatar
    lawrence harville

    it will not let me check out either Pay pall or the other pay method
    I can not pay
    Can not get past the address page no matter what I do

  • Avatar
    Yorman Mirabal

    Guys , check the website , has several issues logging in and checking out items, I've spend a week trying to checkout my cart without any luck, thats not good. I have an RC car about to arrive home and need to stock up spare parts in order to run it with confidence. Please guys work that out we, the customers, need it badly. Thank you for the great job you are doing for the RC hobbyists community

  • Avatar
    Vince Parkinson

    It seems I am not the only one suffering this problem...and it appears to a long lasting problem.
    Last night I completed an order, went into the Cart and selected PayPal as my payment option...it return an blank page saying my cart is empty. I need to confirm that my order went through and was accepted and that payment was accepted and actioned.

  • Avatar

    Impossible de valider mon adresse ! Je ne peux plus commander...