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Website - Past Updates

HobbyKing.com has recently undergone a major site refresh. This is to ensure we’re delivering you the best possible on-site experience. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we roll out new and popular features across the site.

Changes to the website so far include:

  •  The ability to order from multiple warehouses in one transaction 

You now have the ability to order from more than one warehouse in a single transaction. This gives you the control to build your order based on your preferred available warehouses with the opportunity for you to save time and money based on how you put together your order.

  •  New Look and Feel Category Landing Pages

We've changed the look and feel of our category landing pages to make sure you're getting the best possible on-site experience. If you can't find what you need, you can always get in touch with our helpful Customer Service Team

  • Products automatically show and add to your cart  based on your closest warehouse

When browsing the HobbyKing site, products will automatically show based on your closest warehouse. Once you add this product to your cart, the product will also default to your closest warehouse. This is designed so that you never miss out on seeing or buying products that, when ordered from your closest warehouse, are more likely to be cheaper and get to you faster.

  •  Improved checkout experience

Know what you need already? There’s no need to have to click on a product and go through to the product page to add the product to your cart. Use the handy ‘Add to Cart’ button below a product that appears on a sub-category page, to add that product directly to your cart.

Estimate shipping and tax costs, before proceeding to the final steps of checkout, with our new calculator. If logged in, your default shipping address will be used and shipping methods available will appear automatically. This is aimed to give you as much transparency and information around potential order costs as possible. 

 A company information field has been added to the checkout page making it easier for you to clearly mark your order as a company purchase.

  •  New and improved personal dashboard

We’ve given your Account Dashboard a major refresh, pulling together all the information you need to maximize your HobbyKing account. Review your orders, set up new wishlists, keep track of your Reward Points and more with our new and improved interface.

  •  Refunds and Rewards Points are now separate

Refunds have been separated from your Reward Points and are displayed as Store CreditsThe result is great transparency making it easier for you to reconcile your HobbyKing account.

  •  We have a new mobile website

Our new mobile website isn't a pared-back version of our desktop website. Instead, it is the same as the desktop site so you can get your hobby to fix anywhere, anytime!

  •  General Site Enhancements

Product names on product listing pages are now visible in full, enabling you to see what product you’re after as clearly as possible.

Facebook share buttons have been removed from product listing pages to ensure a faster page loading speed.

 502/520 error pages will no longer occur. Please, kindly clear browser cookies and re-login again if you encountered an error before.  

 The 'New Items' page is available for mobile. Keep up to date on all the latest new products available at HobbyKing.com

 There are more exciting website changes on the way (you can view them here so please check back to keep up to date on what’s new.

 ** If you need further assistance, click HERE to CONTACT US.

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  • Avatar
    Adrian Crisp

    I have a problem with an item that I brought and I am finding it impossible to return it. I can not add photos of the items so can not send the return request. I am supposedly a platinum customer but I am not getting the service. Please sort it out. Thank you

  • Avatar
    ivan wilson

    l cant find anything on this site and have stopped buying from hk until they fix this site , l have spent $3000.00 on opposition sites since this new web page started and will not return until they fix it just spent a frustrating 10 mins looking for lang\ding and found 3, just 3 sets

  • Avatar
    Ken Nelson

    I'm getting back into the hobby after a 7 year hiatus. I used to order so much from Hobbyking.com, but now your website is soooooooooooo slow that it's irritating. It feels like dial up! This is 2018, not 1998. Also, while looking at articles it would be helpful if you put the date--including the year.

  • Avatar
    Karl Swartz

    How do I add to my wishlist? There is no link!

  • Avatar
    Graeme Lewis

    This web site no matter how good you think it is, is very difficult and frustrating to use.
    It took 3 hours to buy CA on what I thought was Aus Warehouse only to find at checkout it was at China warehouse and they would not send. A waste of time. Boanggod much better even though a little longer to get free posted goods.

  • Avatar
    Erik Bjurstrom

    Your new site is very frustrating to use. Before I could get all EDF models with one click. Now I do not know how to find them all in one batch. You must go back to the old one.

  • Avatar

    Hi Hobby King. I dont like The new WEB Page. There are some things:
    - To big images, big letters and can't see the price and if there stock.
    - In my wishlist is the same.
    - Can't see the items in groups. If I want to see web cam's in FPV, can't found the group of Webcams.

    I think the older webpages be better. Was More easy to see. I preffer to see other pages and buy there.

    Luis Chipoco

  • Avatar
    Knut-Petter Helle

    Your new web site is hopeless. It is so difficult to find an item and order so I gave up.

  • Avatar
    Gavin Williamson

    I have been buying from hobbyking for many years with over 100 orders and this version of your website is by far the most difficult and unusable it has ever been. The search function seems to exclude what I’m actually searching for and is completely useless and removing sub categories has made it now take an hour looking through 1000’s of items to find anything at all, I cannot buy from this site until it has been changed due to not finding anything I’m looking for.

  • Avatar
    Carlos Calabuig

    Yo ya era miembro de Hobbyking ya hace unos años ahora al registrarme no tenía la contraseña no me he acordado me he vuelto a registrar y ahora soy miembro estándar y he perdido mis privilegios cómo puedo recuperarlos

  • Avatar
    Gary Wood

    You went backwards on some of the changes to your web site! Very frustrating! Time to source products elsewhere!

  • Avatar
    Antoni Brentjes

    Dear HK support,
    I must agree with the previous posters, the new website is completely hopeless. Every mouseclick triggers a five second (or longer!) loading time, the search function is broken in several ways, and everything is so unintuitive I had to google how to even find the shopping cart! This is incredibly disappointing, I was trying to buy myself some nice christmas presents, but I just gave up in frustration before finding 10% of the stuff I needed. I absolutely love the quality of HK products and HK service, but if the website does not improve soon I will be sourcing my RC hobby materials elsewhere.
    Best regards,

  • Avatar
    Steve Vaczovsky

    The new website is flashy but TOTALLY USELESS! Did anyone at HK even try to do a real world transaction before making it live.

    Problems include:
    -Very long page load times - over 30 seconds on a fiber backbone from the west coast of the US.
    - The battery filter sliders refused to lock at a specific value
    - The login screen refreshes without an error message if you mistype your password - you have no idea what you did wrong.
    -If you haven’t logged in and are trying to make a purchase, the Step 1 of the PayPal checkout process displays a screen that asks for a password, but does not say if it is your HK or PP password ( I am NOT giving HK my PP password!!!). If you don’t put in your HK password you cannot complete the purchase
    - The search function is useless when different sizes of the same item have different titles.

    I used to teach website programming. If one of my students turned in a project with the kinds of basic errors I mentioned above, I would have failed them.

    It took me 30 min to complete a transaction that used to take less than 5 minutes.

    The new CEO says he wants to make the “customer experience” better. He had best do it quickly since if you cannot purchase things from a company that depends exclusively on their website to function, the company will quickly die.

    Until and unless the website improves to the point it is useable, I will be buying elsewhere.

  • Avatar

    Come on guys !! How you don't realize that the present web site design is terrible?? Where are the designers that can't see it???
    Just to be very narrow at my claims, try to locate in the search line an item say "hd wing câmera 1280 x 720" .The site show me 30 pages each one with 150 items. So I ask to the designers: Where's my item on these 30 x 150 = 4500 items ?
    Due to these inconsistencies in your web page I suggest to you return to the very old page design. Yes, the first one where anyone could find with ease any kind of item. Please think about it.