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How To Search For A Product Manual?

Each year millions of hectares of forest are destroyed to manufacture paper products and this is one way that we reduce our impact on the environment. Join us in moving towards a paperless future.  

Product manuals are located on the 'Upload Files' tab of the product listing and please follow below steps to download the product manual.

How to download the product manual for an item?

  1. Click the 'Upload Files' tab on the bottom of the Product Information Page.
  2. Click "Download"


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    Brian Madison

    I figured out the problem, update ONLY the program box to version 2.06. don't upgrade esc and all components work, PC , box esc all as it should! Thank God! I like your products and have multiple in 5 of my 13 cars and climbing. So keep up the good work and maybe make a memo to customers. It's happening to a lot of people out there and they're giving up on your esc's. Which I think are the best for the money and better than a lot of high dollar escs I have bought

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    jason brew

    hello, i have a predator drone and im after a manual on it