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How Do I Use Reward Points?

Reward Points are accumulated on every successful purchase. It can be applied to a new order when 100 points are earned. 100 points are equivalent to $1 USD. This can be used to settle both of the product cost and shipping fee.

On the checkout page, specifically on "PAYMENT", just check the box for the Reward Points as payment. (See photo below) The amount of points is indicated here.


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  • Avatar

    This does not apply if you go direct to paypal I have never been able to use my reward points

  • Avatar
    Zsolt Kis-Simon

    Same problem here. I cannot see this option if paypal is set automatically. That is unfair with customers.

  • Avatar
    John Bargh

    Yes the same here if if I go directly to PayPal I can’t use my reward points , I lost all my points from last year and I can’t readeem any very unfair

  • Avatar
    Carlos Pelayo Mora Figueroa

    Me habéis quitado el cupón de descuento de los aviones rc que tengo en la cesta. Eso no está bien.