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How Can I Use Discount Codes?

HobbyKing is giving away discount coupon codes for you to use on your next purchase with us. Make sure that you are subscribed to our newsletter so you will be updated about the promotions we run on our website.

How to use the Discount codes:

1. On the shopping cart, check the "Do you have a discount code or gift card?" box:

2. Key in the coupon code on the "Discount Code" field. Make sure that each character of the code is correct and there is no space before and after the code. Then click APPLY.


There will be a confirmation message if the code is successfully applied on the order. You can also see the exact amount saved in using the coupon code. Please see image below:

In case you encounter an INVALID coupon code, please consider the following factors:

  • Expiration date
  • Other terms and conditions associated with the coupon code


If you think none of the above-mentioned factors can be the reason for the code being INVALID, please contact our Customer Support for further assistance and  provide the following details:

  • Discount Code
  • Date of Usage
  • Source of Code
  • Screenshot of Error

** If you need further assistance, click HERE to CONTACT US.

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  • Avatar
    donald Foister

    u suck

  • Avatar
    john wilson

    I think donald is correct.

  • Avatar
    Eli Hazen

    The discount code HAPPY4THJULY is not working for 12% off.

  • Avatar
    Ben Stubbs

    The discount code supplied does not transfer through to paypal even though its been accepted on thr hobbyking site - I'm still being asked to pay full price by paypal! :(

  • Avatar
    Charles Mc Keown

    The birthday gift code doesn't work no matter what you do. I am beginning to think this is all a scam!