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I did not get a discount code in Messenger, could you help me get the code?

1. To be able to get your discount code from Facebook Messenger App, we need you to respond to all our questions from the Messenger chat box;

Below images show the sample questions and how it appears in Messenger: 

*Questions may vary and images below are used for illustration only. 



*To answer the question, you need to click the answer from the option(s) provided. Please do not type your response. In the above samples, you need to click "Get Code", "Yes" or "No Thanks" as your response in your Messenger chat box. If you type your response, the code will not be sent to you. 

2. After all questions are answered, your code will be sent directly to your Messenger chat box. 


If you have additional questions and need further assistance, please click HERE to CONTACT US. 

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