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What do I do if I Received the Wrong Item(s) or Missing Item(s) from My Order(s)?

Our warehouse utilizes barcode idproduct scanningRFID securityfinal item counting, and parcel weight recording to ensure each order is full and correct. We take our shipping and dispatch accuracy very seriously. If you have received a parcel that is incorrect or incomplete, you must do the following within 48hrs of receiving the parcel;

  1. DO NOT throw any of the packaging or product materials away. Keep the entire package 100% as you received it.
  2. Weigh your parcel and its contents. You can use a kitchen scale for this. It must be accurate to 5g.
  3. Photograph the parcel and its contents. The photo must show products, parcels, and packing materials clearly.

Contact Support Centre with the following information;

Order ID
Parcel Weight
Problem with Order

Attach photos of the parcel and contents, as stipulated above. Failure to follow the procedures above will result in a rejection of the claim. Never accept a parcel that is crushed, damaged, or has been left open, possibly allowing contents to fall out.

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  • Avatar
    Jeff Ciulla

    Item is missing one of the two receivers. I spoke with Sonny on Chat who directed me to complete this request. I notice they are on backorder so I suggested just providing credit for the amount of the missing receiver ($25.99 I believe on your website). Please review and advise on how you will handle this. I'd rather not return and wait for the backorder, I can get a new receiver elsewhere but I paid for two which is the reason i am contacting you to resolve.

    Please review and advise.

    Jeff Ciulla
    ORDER # 102424096

  • Avatar
    Vic Balchin

    Order number. 102439723.
    Weight. 95g.
    Hi. I ordered an Avios Spitfire mk.V tail wheel set. You have sent a set of 3 wheels.