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Free Shipping Terms and Conditions

Free Shipping Terms & Conditions

Hong Kong (Global) Warehouse

All* orders with a cart total of USD $199 or more and a total weight of 5kg** or less qualify for Global Free Shipping from the International warehouse.

*Exclusions may apply for oversized/bulky items and specific delivery destinations based on our discretion.

**Some shipping couriers use volumetric weight rather than physical weight, in which case the 5kg limit will be based on the volumetric weight. Courier availability will depend on the product type and delivery destination.


United States Warehouse
All orders of USD $99 and over, qualify for free shipping from the US warehouse to all states of the US excluding Alaska, and Hawaii. The maximum allowable weight to qualify for free shipping from the US warehouse is 30kgs. 


United Kingdom Warehouse

All orders of USD $99 and over, qualify for free shipping from the UK warehouse to domestic shipping addresses (within the UK). The maximum allowable weight to qualify for free shipping from the UK warehouse is 30kgs.


Australia Warehouse

All orders of USD $99 and over, qualify for free shipping from the AU warehouse to domestic shipping addresses (within AU). The maximum allowable weight to qualify for free shipping from the AU warehouse is 30kgs.

Limited shipping options are available to New Zealand from the AU warehouse, with the exclusion of DG items (e.g., batteries). There is currently no free shipping option for NZ, shipping rates will be displayed during the checkout process.


Free Shipping Available from the EU Warehouse

Free shipping is available from the EU warehouse for orders above a certain value, and less than 30kg* in shipping weight. The minimum order value that qualifies for free shipping and their postal areas are shown below.


Free shipping for orders over $99.00 and less than 30kg*:


Free shipping for orders over $159.00 and less than 30kg*:

Czech Republic

Shipment Not Available from the EU Warehouse:


*Weight limit will be based on physical or volumetric weight, whichever is greater dependent upon the shipping courier used.


Self Collection or Warehouse Pick up

If there is no courier option listing a "Free Shipping" option, do not select "Self Collection or Warehouse Pick up" to complete our order, if you do not intend on retrieving your parcel in person at the designated warehouse.  Self-collection or In-person pickup is not a free shipping option as there is no courier assigned to the order. Other shipping options with their appropriate fees may be listed on the checkout screen. Please contact Customer Service using live chat or social media immediately so we can assist.

If you accidentally selected "Self Collection or Warehouse Pick up" and do not intend to pick it up at the warehouse, the order will not ship out. Please contact Customer Service immediately so we can assist.

If you do actually intend to do Self Collection, your local warehouse will contact you for the next steps. Pick up at your warehouse OR let the warehouse communicate with you to sort out:

  1. Pick up at warehouse OR
  2. If you do not intend to pick it up at the warehouse but have chosen this option, it will imply there was no shipping option available.

Please be aware that selecting the "Self Collection or Warehouse Pick up" when other shipping options are available will result in additional charges incurred to you.

The warehouse will contact you to communicate with the option 1) and 2) above mentioned.  For sales orders that do not reach the free shipping threshold, and there is no courier shipping option with a fee, the warehouse will quote the price for special delivery to you. 

Note: Sales orders that reach the free shipping threshold will remain free for shipping.


Payments, Product Pricing, Specifications

Payments: All payments will be processed on behalf of Global Column Limited situated at 20/F 133 Hoi Bun Road, Hong Kong

Product Pricing: All prices are subject to change without notice.
Product Specifications: All product descriptions and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Prevailing Language:

The Policy or Terms and Conditions shall be prepared and executed in English and if translated into a language other than English for any purpose, the English version shall in all events prevail and be paramount in the event of any differences, questions, or disputes concerning the meaning, form, validity, or interpretation of the Policy or Terms and Conditions.

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  • Avatar
    Rick Newland

    I would like to pay for one Arctic cat but your website is not letting me

  • Avatar
    Christian Gustar

    I am afraid we only are selling arctic dogs at present hence the website is not letting any arctic cats to be sold due to the very,very limited amount left in the wild !?!?!, kind regards WWF.

  • Avatar
    David White

    When was Australia excluded from free shipping over a certain amount from the local warehouse?

  • Avatar
    Dumendra Welabada

    removed Australian warehouse? That's sad :(

  • Avatar
    Dean Child

    It's sad the specific itesm lead a person to believe shipping is free and then get a separate invoice the next day.

  • Avatar
    Philip Blanchard

    I was going to order the Tempest with batteries, but you people no longer ship free to Canada for orders over $100.00. I refuse to pay an extra $100cdn for shipping, you lost a sale.

  • Avatar
    Peter Meuzelaar

    For EU to EU location for large package (king twin) you have to wait for a mail for choosing the transport methode. Takes much longer then 2 day's. Big package was 400Euro.

  • Avatar
    Christos Ioannou

    Γιατί εξαιρείται την Ελλάδα από τα δωρεάν μεταφορικά; Είναι στην Ε.Ε όπως η Ιταλία, και τις υπόλοιπες χώρες που συμπεριλαμβάνετε. Χάνετε καλούς πελάτες... Δυστυχώς!

  • Avatar

    can i get my tracking number for my item?
    my item oder number 102662386

  • Avatar
    Anthony Iannucelli

    I think I've gotten about 64 orders from HK. I've never been disappointed. Free shipping over $100 was a super bonus from the U.S. warehouse but I understand why you could not hold the line on the $100 amount.. The U.S. mail, UPS, and FedEx have all increased prices dramatically since I began our business relationship. Thanks for the free shipping, even at $200. One of your main competitors just raised prices on everything, including 20% increases on all their kits. Inflation is here, even in the hobby. Your bargains make up for it.

  • Avatar
    John Beach

    Screwed up Web Site!

  • Avatar
    Fred Shaw

    Why advertise product if it can not be shipped. It’s a gimmick show micro engineering buildings on sale because you can not ship them.

  • Avatar
    Bryon Gaskin

    Hobby King is losing sales because the weights they have for the products are wrong. A set of pushrods for a Volatntex 1600 is 240 grams, while pushrods for the 2000/2400 weight only 8.4 grams. Add a $5 motor to your $200 order and the shipping goes ups $2.

  • Avatar
    Christos Ioannou

    In a little while, no one will buy from HK.
    The reason is that we find the same prices and lower from elsewhere, with less or no shipping costs.

    A few years ago, my purchases were at 100X from what I do to you now. I hope you understand this quickly enough, for the good of us all.

  • Avatar
    Edvaldo saraiva

    produto muito top gostaria de adquirir outros com frete gratis

  • Avatar
    Lee McMichael

    Do you provide free shipping for military veterans?

  • Avatar
    James Clark

    I live in the UK, a battery cost £23 the postage cost is £23. I have bought a lot of items from HK NOT ANY MORE you my friends have lost my custom.

  • Avatar
    Steve Powlesland

    Either Hobby King doesn't want UK business or they messed up big time. I tried to order a plane but the carriage was almost as much as the price of the plane. I thought, maybe I could order 10, sell nine, and share the carriage cost. No, the carriage went up 10 fold too.Get it together Hobby King, I really want this plane, but not that much

  • Avatar
    David Steely

    I just tried to purchase a plane, the shipping was almost 50% the cost of the plane! When I asked HK why shipping was so high they simply said the shipping is automatically calculated. That was real helpful🙄 I understand prices are up on everything but paying almost $60 in shipping is laughable. I’m done with HobbyKing as there are plenty of other sources that charge reasonable shipping.

  • Avatar
    David Steely

    By the way the item was shipping from their Oregon warehouse down just one state, California and they wanted almost $60.00 in shipping. Bizarre. I predict they eventually go out of business......

  • Avatar
    richard davison

    I buy from local mum an pop hobby store in australia I dont use hobby king anymore yeah there stuff was ok and some of it was total crap you didnt mind when the shipping was free or cheaper . It seems hobby king only now ship for free countries that dont criticize the CCP see Hong Kong Used to be Free from CCP now it has become a taken over province by the CCP and the citizen must obay the CCP now more no less . nothing else nothing more .

  • Avatar
    Tom Mackay

    $480 plane has a shipping cost to Australia of ....wait for it ......$652.00 ahahahahahahahaha enjoy going out of business HK

  • Avatar
    Anthony Iannucelli

    I just made my 70th order with HobbyKing. I got a nice $30 coupon and free shipping on the new Durafly Spitfire. Very happy with the new shipping rules as they apply to the USA. I'm sympathetic with the guys elsewhere that are trapped by the shippers to their country. I'm thinking it's not HKs fault. Over-size boxes cost a fortune to ship. Maybe your local hobby store can get the plane of your choice for you.

  • Avatar
    Keith Williams

    So good to see a growing army of ripped off customers who are refusing to pay your extortionate shipping costs for poor quality goods!

  • Avatar
    Mariano Mari

    Shipping to Puerto Rico, USA is outrageously expensive. I recently tried to purchase a King Air Twin to take advantage of the sale price, and the cost of shipping was over US$650. Your US warehouse is a joke and will not ship to PR either, even to an USPS zip code. No thanks, I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

  • Avatar
    Volker Schroeter

    Die Bestellsoftware ist immer noch chaotisch. Wenn ich z.B. auf Seite 7 ein Produkt aufrufe und es dann nicht verfügbar ist, gehe ich normal wieder einen Schritt zurück. Damit lande ich aber wieder auf Seite 1 und muss manuell wieder dort hingehen, wo ich gerade war. Das können andere Anbieter besser.

  • Avatar
    Andre Stappaerts

    vroeger kon ik bestellen maar nu gaat niet meer ,wat is er mis ?

  • Avatar
    Andre Stappaerts

    wat nu

  • Avatar
    EI-CHENG Chen

    9499000161-0 Durafly™ Messerschmitt Bf.109E-4 不列顛之戰方案 1100mm (43.3“) (PnF)

    Edited by EI-CHENG Chen