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What do I do if My Parcel has Not Arrived or Delayed?

We can understand the frustration associated with a late parcel. A late parcel could be the result of any number of reasons within either country's postal system. The usual delivery time for a Standard Air Mail item is 10-30 days and an EMS item is 5-14 days. Please understand that we have no control over customs or your countries postal system.

BEFORE you contact us regarding a late parcel, please check with your local post office. In most cases, parcels that do not arrive at your home are waiting for you at the post office for collection.

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    Dirk Büscherhoff

    Ich habe die Versandkosten mit PayPal bei Ihnen bezahlt für Gold wing Flugzeug aber leider tut sich auf meiner Bestellung nichts da steht immer nur Bearbeitung wie kann das sein

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    Nº de pedido de hobby king 400087129 , 2 servos. figura como finalizado . al dia de hoy 25/11 no he recibido el pedido . no figura seguimiento.

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    José Angel

    Quisiera saber de mi pedido no hay seguimiento