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Affiliate & Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Referral Program - Terms and Conditions

To redeem referral points, your invitee (the person you invited to sign up on the HobbyKing website) must sign up for the first time using your invite link or code at the time of signup.
Your referral points will be added to your account once your invitee completes a purchase initially through the link or code sent to them by you and will appear on your referral page. If your invitee does not complete the initial purchase through the link you sent them, you will not qualify for the referral points. Once your invitee makes the initial purchase through the link, you qualify for the referral points for every subsequent purchase made by the invitee, with or without the link.


Affiliate Program -Terms and Conditions

  1. For the purposes of this program, an 'affiliate' is anyone who shares affiliate links found in the product pages of the HobbyKing website.

  2. The affiliate link system is an opportunity for customers of HobbyKing to earn reward points by helping promote hobbyking.com on their websites, blogs, reviews, coupon platforms, youtube, and social media channels.

  3. An affiliate is rewarded with 5% of the product sale that is generated through a successful affiliate link which is awarded in the form of reward points into the affiliate's Hobbyking account.

  4. The Reward points will be reflected in the affiliate's account instantly, as soon as the affiliate buyer makes a purchase through the affiliate link. An affiliate's earnings will appear as reward points under “My Accounts > Affiliates” only after the affiliate buyers place the order.

  5. Once logged in to the HobbyKing account, the affiliate will be able to see the links under each product on the product page, which can be shared with different channels online.

  6. The affiliate buyers have to land on the product page through the affiliate link and must complete the order in the same cycle, within 10 days. If not, the affiliate will not be rewarded.

  7. The 5% affiliate earning is applicable only if the affiliate buyer follows your affiliate link and purchases the product contained in the affiliate link. The fee will not be applicable for any other products purchased by the affiliate buyer through the link.

  8. The affiliate can share as many links to their favorite products as they wish. However, they can earn the reward points only if the affiliate buyers, purchase products routing from their specific product links.

  9. If an affiliate sends the same link and should multiple affiliate buyers follow the link to make the specific product purchase, the affiliate will be able to obtain a 5% commission fee for all links that resulted in the purchase of the specific products.

  10. Should an affiliate buyer purchase a quantity of more than 1 of the specific products through an affiliate link, the affiliate will be able to obtain the 5% commission fee multiplied by the quantity of the product.

  11. Should two affiliates send a link to an affiliate buyer for the same product and the affiliate buyer purchases the specific product, then only the first affiliate will earn a 5% commission on the product price in reward points.  

  12. If the affiliate buyer cancels an order which was generated through an affiliate link, the affiliate's reward points will be reversed.

  13. An affiliate is strictly not allowed to spam any sites with these links.

  14. HobbyKing reserves the right to debit reward points from affiliate's accounts at their discretion.

  15. HobbyKing reserves the right to change the rules of this program, including the % of product sale, at any time. If the % of product sale changes in the program orders previously made before the change will not be affected.

  16. HobbyKing reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time.

Prevailing Language:

The Terms and Conditions shall be prepared and executed in English and if translated into a language other than English for any purpose, the English version shall in all events prevail and be paramount in the event of any differences, questions, or disputes concerning the meaning, form, validity, or interpretation of the Terms and Conditions.

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