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Cancelled Order/Item(s) Policy

Backordered items can be cancelled instantly for store credit, however, if you wish to recalculate shipping or change your order you must contact customer service first. Our backorder Cancel Item function is very simple and will only refund the cost of the product to store credit. If you would like to make additional changes to your order or have questions, please contact customer service BEFORE canceling your items.


Prevailing Language:

The Terms and Conditions shall be prepared and executed in English and if translated into a language other than English for any purpose, the English version shall in all events prevail and be paramount in the event of any differences, questions, or disputes concerning the meaning, form, validity, or interpretation of the Terms and Conditions.

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  • Avatar
    Jose Ramirez

    Cancel order 102456328 or change item for 2 turnigy lipo 6s 3600 amh 30c please thank you.

  • Avatar
    Christine Weber

    I have already ordered something from you several times and it has never arrived, then it will be credited to my account for a repeat order which then does not come again! ask for a money back to my card !!!!!!!

  • Avatar
    Michael Normington

    cancel order 102533685

  • Avatar
    Walter Rupertus

    Bestellunng stonieren 300308500

  • Avatar
    Sebastien Lakhdari

    annule la commande 22200202291

  • Avatar
    Ricky Lau

    cancel order 102833355

  • Avatar
    Vinay Rana

    Cancel order #102835393

  • Avatar
    Giacomo Meozzi

    cancel order # 102856695

  • Avatar
    Vladimir Brandtner

    I want cancel this order.102845054

  • Avatar
    Randy Shiosaki

    Randy Shiosaki, I wan to cancel order number 20226060006

  • Avatar
    Marko Pohlmann

    Cancel order 22200228840

  • Avatar
    Brian Plowman

    I canceled an order containing two back ordered items and the money is not on my card or store credit. And it was $126 so I'm gonna need that back asap. It's been over a week.

  • Avatar
    Jean Luc

    pourquoi le statut de ma commande marque annulé merci

  • Avatar
    Marc Bonnarens

    Cancel order 300357910