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What Is A Good Starter RC Plane For Beginners?

We recommend that a beginner pilot starts with a trainer/beginner plane as they are more stable and easier to fly. To find out more on what makes a perfect beginner RC Plane, you can read our blog: 5 THINGS TO CONSIDER FOR GETTING THE BEST BEGINNER RC AIRPLANE.

 Here are a selection of good beginner RC airplanes:  

1) H-King Bixler 3 (PNF) Glider 1550mm

2) H-King Bixler 1.1 (PNF) Glider EPO 1400mm

3) H-King AXN (PNF) Floater Jet 1280mm

For more beginner RC planes, please visit our Beginner’s RC page for planes, cars, and boats.

We also strongly suggest that you find a local club which will likely have an instructor to help you learn to fly and get in the air quicker and more confidently.

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