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List of Batteries Excluded from Free Shipping from the UK Warehouse

Below is the list of Batteries over 100WH that are excluded from free shipping from the UK Warehouse:


Product Name SKU
Turnigy Nano-Tech Plus 6000mAh 6S 70C LiPo Pack w/XT90 9210000299-0
ZIPPY Compact 5000mAh 6S1P 30C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000487-0
Turnigy High Capacity 14000mAh 6S 12C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000431-0
Turnigy High Capacity 12000mAh 4S 12C Multi Rotor Lipo Pack XT90 9067000425-0
Turnigy High Capacity 6600mAh 6S 12C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000395-0
Turnigy High Capacity 8000mAh 6S 12C w/XT90 9067000393-0
ZIPPY Compact 4000mAh 10S 25C Lipo Pack With XT90 9067000300-0
Turnigy Graphene Professional 10000mAh 4S 15C LiPo Pack w/ XT90 9067000296-0
Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 8S 65~130C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9210000248-0
Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 6S 45C Lipo Pack w/XT-90 9210000246-0
Turnigy Bolt 5400mAh 6S 22.8V 65~130C High Voltage Lipoly Pack (LiHV) w/XT90 9210000244-0
Turnigy nano-tech 5000mAh 6S 35~70C Lipo Pack w/XT-90 9210000235-0
Rhino 5000mAh 6S 50C Lipo Battery Pack w/XT90 9952000033-0
ZIPPY Compact 5000mAh 6S1P 45C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000490-0
ZIPPY Compact 8000mAh 5S1P 30C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000489-0
ZIPPY Compact 8000mAh 4S1P 30C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000488-0
Turnigy High Capacity 16000mAh 6S 12C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000429-0
Turnigy Graphene Panther 6000mAh 6S 75C Battery Pack w/XT90 9067000420-0
Turnigy High Capacity 10000mAh 4S 12C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000392-0
Turnigy High Capacity 10000mAh 6S 12C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000391-0
Turnigy High Capacity 12000mAh 6S 12C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000390-0
Turnigy High Capacity 20000mAh 4S 12C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000389-0
Turnigy Graphene Panther 5000mAh 6S 75C Battery Pack 9067000375-0
Turnigy Heavy Duty 5000mAh 7S 60C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000339-0
Turnigy 5000mAh 6S 25C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000320-0
ZIPPY Compact 4500mAh 10S 35C Lipo Pack w/ XT90 9067000310-0
Turnigy Graphene Professional 12000mAh 6S15C LiPo Pack w/ XT90 9067000303-0
ZIPPY Compact 5800mAh 6S 25C Lipo Pack With XT90 9067000302-0
Turnigy Graphene Professional 8000mAh 6S 15C LiPo Pack w/XT90 9067000295-0
ZIPPY Compact 5000mAh 7S 25C Lipo Pack w/ XT90 9067000294-0
Turnigy Heavy Duty 5000mAh 6S 60C LiPo Pack w/XT90 9067000243-0
Turnigy Graphene 5000mAh 6S 45C LiPo Pack w/ XT90 9067000152-0
Turnigy High Capacity 16000mAh 4S 12C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000430-0
Turnigy High Capacity 8000mAh 4S 12C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000394-0
Turnigy High Capacity 20000mAh 6S 12C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9067000388-0
Turnigy 5000mAh 6S 20C Lipo Pack w/XT60 Connector 9067000235-0
Turnigy Nano-Tech Plus 5000mAh 6S 70C Lipo Pack w/XT90 9210000269-0
ZIPPY Compact 6200mAh 6s 40c Lipo Pack w/ XT90 9067000316-0
Turnigy 5000mAh 6S 40C LiPo Pack w/ XT90 9067000305-0
ZIPPY Compact 8400mAh 4S2P 30C LiFePo4 Pack w/XT90 9067000491-0
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