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What will happen if I did not settle my Customs Charges?


HobbyKing.com is not liable for customs charges, tax, duty payments required in your country.

 To avoid return shipment charges such as "return shipping cost" and "duty amount", you are highly advised to settle these payments to avoid return. Please also be reminded that shipping fee is non-refundable and this will not be included in your refund once you refuse your package due to unsettled customs charges. 

** If you need further assistance, click HERE to CONTACT US.

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    Keith Pepperell

    Why is there no reminder at checkout to CHECK for possible import fees before pressing 'buy'?? Also, there was no option for me to purchase from the UK WAREHOUSE, or indeed the EU WAREHOUSE......only INTERNATIONAL!!! Why is this? Maybe I would not be looking at a C.O.D. fee from UPS had I been able to purchase from UK!!!!!!!!

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    luigi muzzalupo muzzalupo

    Hi, I had the same problem with my order 22200123534, shipping + customs is more expensive that the parts that I ordered. I'm extremely disapointed about that.

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    Darren Taylor

    Honestly this website is a joke and a con I spent about 1 hr yesterday to find out where my orders where I was stated the same that my orders might be waiting at customs waiting for me to pay charges I wasn’t aware and had no clue about this, I’m still not sorted they don’t care about your orders just your money, I knew it was going to be a complacted issue I asked them to phone they said they don’t have access to phones !!! Which company this big does not have phones to contact there customers it’s because they can’t be assed that’s why, I asked for the full address of the company I was chatty no to they stated they don’t have the full address, Ths company is a joke and just wants your money that your orders are on BK JOKE !!!!!!!!

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    Danny Ng

    FEDEX charge me extra $50 at the door for the order just over $100. I have no choice to pay for that. Now I realize that if I bought these in local Canada the cost will come out the same and I don't have to wait for shipping time 2 weeks. "HobbyKing is not liable for customs charges, tax, duty payments required in your country" means from now on I WILL NOT order anything from HobbyKing. Is that clear, fair and simple! Stay away from them

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    Robert John Ward

    Will you please open a warehouse in Canada the cost of customs is to high

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    Robert John Ward

    Your prices are good but bye the time the order get here it’s cost to much money.

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    Robert John Ward

    Please open a warehouse in Canada

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    David Durnan

    If ordering from UK you should be shipping from your UK warehouse I have been hit with a customs charge

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    Juan Ramon Valiño Freire

    Hobby King
    Quería manifestar una queja, Realmente estoy sorprendido del retraso del ultima pedido.Me refiero al pedido cuyo referencia es #400062505. La compra fue en marzo y acaba de llegar ayer, 1 de julio. He tenido que pagar un suplemento de 25,90€ a su llegada, con motivo de sus dimensiones. Una caja tan grande para un contenido tan pequeño.
    Honestamente no estoy satisfecho con al servicio. En relación a este pedido, en mas de una ocasión contacté con ustedes y no me han respondido

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    Iman Sadeghzadeh

    For a 100$ order I have been charged 47$ extra to shipping and have to pay to Fedex!!! This is ridiculous. I am Hobby Kings customer since 2008, when the business at its beginning. But I think it is time to say bye to HK...

    Edited by Iman Sadeghzadeh
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    Pawel Matan

    Same situation. FedEx asked to pay £45 custom fees for £100 purchase. How can You con Your customera like this HK? Why not say clearly at the checkout about possible custom fees? Low price as a bait and then it's Your problem Mr customer??? Joke. I will spread the message all over the place TO AVOID you. Never shopping here gain. That's it.

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