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My Package Is Not Damaged But There Is A Damaged / Faulty Item In It. What Should I Do?

Please open an RMA for damaged or faulty items:

  1. Log in to your account;
  2. Drag your mouse pointer over your registered name as shown on the image below:

   3. Click My Orders



Complete the remaining steps and provide the required information. After successfully submitting your RMA, our Warranty specialists will evaluate and update your claim status with the applicable resolution.


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    barry Smith

    I recientlly purchased Trainstar Tough trainer aircraft. While assembling said aircraft i found the instruction manual very helpfull with the simple things in the assembly with lotts of photos but VERY lacking when it came to the more diffecult assembly ie the tail wheel. At one point (Page 11) the manual discribes a TX as mode 1 with the throttle on the LEFT mode 2 right throttle. completly wrong. Can I suguest that you give a kit to one of your OFFICE employes with the manual to follow and see what problems they have. I also see that several other comments are regarding identification of the various screws which i also found a little difficult.one final problem was the dihedral wing spare which l found did not fit into one of the two wings. It took a lot of work to ream out the square hole bar which is inside the wing. I would be pleased to recieve a small or large credit note for the trouble i have been to in order to save us both time and effort returning the partly assembled aircart to you . your sincerly Barry Smith email bsmith021044@gmail.com

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