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How Do I Know Which Warehouse My Orders Are Shipping From?

When viewing orders under your dashboard, you will see the Warehouses for each order listed:

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  • Avatar
    Teerapon Tansatcha

    I order Turnigy 750mah 1S 35~70C but Hongkong inter warehouse can not sent to thailand . How can i order ?

  • Avatar
    Justin Martin

    I ordered a plane and extra battery but they can not ship from Hong Kong to USA how can we get an order ?

  • Avatar
    David merry

    There really isn't any point in showing me offers that cannot be shiped to the uk, the website has gone to shite in the last two years, stop offering me stuff you can't get to my contry...for the love of god! what a massive waste of time!

  • Avatar
    Barry Redfern

    Your website is still showing batteries in your Hong Kong warehouse despite me filtering out your international warehouse and only wanting to see AUS warehouse stock. This is rubbish!
    When will you start stocking airsoft style lipo's in Australia?

  • Avatar
    Denis Smith

    Denis Smith,
    My order is in limbo between cart and ship. the order comes up to be sent ex hong kong but the computor says no it has to be changed to come from our warehouse which is Australia. How do I do this. Also in our shipping address the suburb and post code are incorrect they should be Morrinsville 3300. Can you please correct these for me urgently and let me know when I can continue. If this is not possible please email or ring me so we can move forward ASAP denis.noelene@gmail.com or 64 78894448 Thank you Denis who want these products with free shipping out of the bargin bin