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Shipping Method: Affordable Options; Standard, Registered, and "No Tracking" Mail


HobbyKing offers a wide variety of shipping methods, including International (Registered) Air MailTrackable Air MailTraceable (Registered) Mail, and Standard (No Tracking Mail), to give our customers a chance to save on shipping costs.

If Standard (No Tracking Mail is chosen, please be advised that HobbyKing accepts no liability for unreceived parcels shipped via this option. Our investigation team has no way of tracing the location of those parcels as there is no tracking number available for this type of shipping method.

In this regard, we highly recommend our to customers select a TrackableTraceable, or Registered Air Mail option as these cost-effective shipping methods have Tracking Numbers so we can investigate the whereabouts of a parcel in the event that it is not delivered within the specified transit time.

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    Michael Spazierer

    hallo , ich kein keine Liefermethode auswählen und somit nicht bezahlen,
    bitte um Hilfe

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    Jesus Martinez Millan

    Hola buenos días,El día 9 de Noviembre hice mi pedido y hasta el día de hoy no me a llegado,es esto normal.Como hago mi reclamación.

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    Tom Barrow

    Illegal under European law - distance selling regulations. You are liable until it has been delivered and paypal will always refund for non-delivered goods.

    55) Where the goods are dispatched by the trader to the consumer, disputes may arise, in the event of loss or damage, as to the moment at which the transfer of risk takes place. Therefore this Directive should provide that the consumer be protected against any risk of loss of or damage to the goods occurring before he has acquired the physical possession of the goods. The consumer should be protected during a transport arranged or carried out by the trader, even where the consumer has chosen a particular delivery method from a range of options offered by the trader... Regarding the moment of the transfer of the risk, a consumer should be considered to have acquired the physical possession of the goods when he has received them.

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    Alex Olmezov

    My order (#101696895) was created and paid at 19.12.2018. But I still have not received it (14.01.2019). So what are my next steps to get the paid items?

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    Jiri Kadlec

    Have a same issue as Alex, order was created on 1. 1. 2019 #700003049, but no items recieved till now (4.2.2019). It is more than one month. It looks that, we cannot do anything about it. Does anyone know, if there is a chance to get refund, or any compensation? Thx a lot Jiri

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    Alex Olmezov

    It looks like it's impossible to get any compensation and you can only hope to receive your order. My order was delivered on 22 Jan (delivery took 35 days).

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    Roberto Sgroi

    Dear Sirs: Have you any mail number to claim at the local office? shipment 101621228, my order 101724042

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    Daniel de Melo Lima

    Hello friends, I can not select a shipping method here for Brazil.
    I can not finalize the purchase, please help me.
    A big hug.

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    Rocco Grilla

    To date, an order shipped on March 1 with bpost from the European warehouse still not delivered in Italy, Rome and I believe that by now it can be considered lost.
    The absurd thing is that free shipping has been offered to you because the order exceeded $ 50, my order was over $ 100, despite this you give me all the responsibility to me for choosing shipping not traceable? !? If you want to give free shipping for orders of a certain amount that is at least traceable!

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    roberto mocchetti

    To date my three last orders shipped respectively:
    - order n° 101790663 shipped on 23.02.19
    - order n° 500055239 shipped on 24.03.19
    - order n° 500055269 shipped on 25.03.19
    have not been delivered yet.
    The unique answers received by HK were: go to the post office and ask for them; since you have chosen a non trackable delivery method we are not responsible for the delivery, wait, wait wait that they maybe can be returned to our warehouse.
    I have paid more that 60 euro for nothing and I fell robbed.
    Moreover none of the manager has written an e-mail and HK is continuing to suggest BPOSt as an alternative for delivery courier. Do you know that you are losing reputations in the most loyal customer's opinion?

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    Rocco Grilla

    Nonostante abbia piu volte segnalato al customer care che Bpost e' inaffidabile HK continua a usare bpost con le relative conseguenze.
    il mio ordine del 1 marzo, mai ricevuto, mi e' stato rimborsato dopo aver aperto contestazione via PayPal. La cosa assurda e' che questo accade solo effettuando acquisti presso il magazzino Europeo.
    Per completare il modello sono stato costretto a ordinare il materiale presso il magazzino UK che al superare dei 50$ ha spedito sempre gratuitamente ma con spedizione tracciabile, ordine ricevuto in italia dopo circa 5 giorni.
    although I have repeatedly reported to customer care that Bpost is unreliable HK continues to use bpost with its consequences.
    my order of 1 March, never received, was reimbursed to me after opening a dispute via PayPal. The absurd thing is that this happens only by making purchases at the European warehouse.
    To complete the model, I was forced to order the material at the UK warehouse, which, after exceeding $ 50, was always sent free of charge but with traceable shipping, an order received in Italy after about 5 days.

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    roberto mocchetti

    It is very strange that despite many e-mail and chats nobody of your management has taken any initiative to preserve your reliability. Please be proactive and contact immediately BPOST asking for a complete reimbursement of all packages never delivered to your customers. Why not anticipate this reimbursement in order to protect the contracts you have stipulated with your customers?