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Why is there no shipping method in checkout?

There could be different reasons why your order has no shipping method in checkout:

1) Your have exceeded the maximum limit of allowable (LiPo) battery watt-hour per order;

*According to IATA regulations, LiPo battery shipment is hazardous and therefore shipment of the product requires compliance according to given limitations.

2) Your order contains glue; 

- Just like LiPo battery, glue is also considered as a dangerous good. There are only limited shipping methods that can ship glue from our warehouse locations to select countries. 

3) Your order is shipping to a PO box or Military Address; 

- Most of our shipping methods do not ship to PO box and Military address. We highly advise you to ship your package to a residential or business address where we service a wide range of shipping methods. 

4) Your order is overweight or oversized; 

- Each of our shipping methods has an allowable maximum package / box weight and size. If your order has exceeded this limit, there will be no shipping options to be shown in checkout. In this scenario, we highly advise you to reduce and limit the item and / or item quantity per order.  

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