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Swiss Post Service Disruption Due to COVID-19

HobbyKing.com continues its operations but with very strict safety measures amid the COVID19 (Novel Corona Virus). We continue to accept orders with certain limitations from deliveries. 

Please see updates from our shipping partner/s below about the delivery procedures to your country: 


March 24

The following shipping methods are under Swiss Post:

Non-Trackable Express Air Mail (Expedited)

Non-Trackable Express Air Mail (Standard)

Trackable Express Air Mail (Standard)

Trackable Express Air Mail (Expedited)

Trackable Express Air Mail (Priority)


As suggested by mail service in destination countries. Written proof of delivery will not be provided by certain destinations. Postal administrations of certain destinations (Annex) have taken precautionary measures against the spread of COVID-19, all mail items (including mail item where signature for the receipt is required) addressed to these destinations will not be delivered in person, and thus written proof of delivery will not be provided under such circumstances.


Asia: Mainland China, Georgia, Indonesia, Israel,

Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore

Europe: Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus,

Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy,

Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta,

Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, United


Middle & South America: Brazil ,Chile

North America: Canada

Oceania: Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand

Africa: Mauritius, Morocco




In order to maintain the service level and to minimize additional but inevitable delay in delivery, Swiss Post HK has to implement the following control in service, in effect on Mar 24, 2020:

  1. Swiss Post will maintain parcel collection/ receipt / delivery to 6 key destinations namely France, Switzerland, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Australia.

  2. Swiss Post will temporarily suspend their postal service to all other countries for 14 days. Further notice will be released when any further update is needed.

  3. Since the situation is fast changing every day, Swiss Post HK may have the need to amend their policies in according to the need of the market. Costs may arise and surcharges might be adjusted, Swiss Post will keep us informed shall there be any changes.


Swiss Post has set up a Global Crisis Team to monitor the daily condition and they will try to maintain professional services. We are grateful and thankful for your understanding and support.


During this crisis, delay is inevitable and longer transit time is to be expected.



March 23:

As a result of government measures, La Poste continues to maintain the continuity of its services throughout the territory.

Postman is working to deliver mail but disruptions in regions are reported due to employees infected but not everywhere. Several days delay are expected in Post offices concerned.

A safety committee meeting in Head Office of La Poste will announce new measures.

The reception of the public is clearly restricted in post offices even if it continues to be assured.

Mailbox delivery mail is less impacted for the last mile delivery.


March 20:

Airline update: Many airlines are continuing to cancel flights, resulting in a significant increase in prices, Asendia HK continues to strive for excellent service level.


Here is an update of the virus outbreak impact: Noticed by La Poste, level 3 alert activated in France, only 80% of postmen are providing delivery services, please expect delay in delivery time at which is temporarily cannot be estimated.

As regards postal sorting center, the situation is as usual due to automatisation of the process. For the time being, consignees may not be able to retrieve the parcels due to containment measures announced. Mailbox delivery mail will be less impacted for the last mile delivery.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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