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What is the Semi-Tracking Courier Option?

The Semi-Tracking option help confirm to the customer that their order has been picked, packed, protected, palletized along with other parcels going to their country or region. 

This order option* may have the following details:

  • Courier Pallet ID Number such as UX123456789HK OR
  • An eDHL Parcel ID Number such as HKAUUMMG- 987654321

However, the customer may not fully track this package with our provided URL because this parcel courier option has NO official tracking feature**. it is possible to use this ID number to potentially get some confirmation data from the courier about the parcel until it reaches the Export Hub or Customs station only.  Please note again that this is listed as a Semi-tracking or Non-trackable option during Checkout.

With this in mind, it is highly recommended that customers select a fully complete courier tracking option to reduce risks involving undelivered parcels because they do not have any official tracking number or trackable courier information available for Semi-Tracking or No Tracking shipping methods.

HobbyKing is unable to track the location of those parcels without tracking information and it is difficult to verify that the courier delivered the package as instructed. We also cannot do any investigation for a lost, stolen, or undelivered parcel using Semi-Tracking or No Tracking shipping methods. For these reasons, it is again strongly recommended to select a fully complete courier tracking transport option.


*Note 1 -This is not a parcel courier option that has any official full or second portion tracking feature!

**Note 2- If Standard (No Tracking Mail) or Semi Tracking Mail (aka First Portion Data Only) is chosen by the customer as the delivery option, HobbyKing accepts no liability or culpability for unreceived parcels shipped via this option.


Here is the list of the couriers that offer no tracking/semi tracking services:

Royal Mail ~ (No Tracking) Letter
BPOST Standard (No Tracking) Mail
DHL Lightweight Parcel Express(Non Trackable)
S-Packet (No Tracking) Non-Trackable Express Air Mail  (Expedited)
Small Packet (No Tracking) Non-Trackable Express Air Mail  (Standard)

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