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What Is Store Credit? (Formerly Known As "Bonus Points")

"Bonus Points" was another term for Store Credit. (Not to be confused with "Rewards Points")

1.00 Store Credit is equivalent to $1.00 USD. You may use your Store Credit while placing an order to help settle item and/or shipping costs.

 To use Store Credit in your purchase, you must at least have $0.50 balance available in your account. 

  • To find out how you can use your Store Credit, click HERE
  • Want to gain Store Credit to your account? Click HERE
  • To see how to check your Store Credit balance, click HERE


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    David Rhodes

    Every time I want to use my points, it's either too soon or Too Late!! and I earned those so you stole from me!!
    If you give me $s, put them in a store credit account, because I have had many $3-5$ points and think I am going get to use them against shipping or something and they're gone!???????