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My Order Has No Tracking Information. What Should I Do?


You need to first find out if you have chosen a shipping method that comes with a tracking number or not. Click on the links below to find out more: 

Click here to learn - How to identify if the shipping method / courier has no tracking number?

Click here to learn - Where and how to find my tracking number? 


  • If your chosen shipping method has a tracking number, but the tracking number is not available yet after it is posted (status: "Complete"), you may contact us on Live Chat for further assistance.

  • If your chosen shipping method does not come with a tracking number, please allow some time for your parcel to arrive within its transit time. 


** If you need further assistance, click HERE to CONTACT US.

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  • Avatar
    charles lecointe

    ORDER #200101617
    Hello order not received yet.
    Send me one back
    Thanks you

  • Avatar
    Alan Collins

    YOUR SHIPMENT # 101527424 FOR ORDER # 101623031

    Where is it ..Tracking info is hopeless...Other part of order arrived days ago from Hong Kong

  • Avatar
    Ciro De Michele

    ORDINE #500050977
    perche questo ritardo nella consegna ???
    ciro de michele

  • Avatar
    tommaso florino

    order #500050749 not received at all.

  • Avatar
    Heinz Pfaffinger

    My order (300214021) is not incomming. i have no tracking info and it's long ago since i ordered. From HK i became no answer. What should i do?


    Edited by Heinz Pfaffinger
  • Avatar
    Björn Petersson

    I have recieved my hovercraft but batteries which I included in my order has arrived yet.
    Order #102013926
    What to do?

  • Avatar
    jose ignacio rodriguez suero

    My order number # 400031308, a tracking number does not appear and I don't know if it has been sent.
    A greeting.

  • Avatar
    Gerlando Alongi

    I have no information about my order no. 102047101 dated 8/23/2019 and I don't even know if it has been dispatched.
    Usually orders from European warehouse have a sooner deliver than that. What Happens!
    Gerlando Alongi

  • Avatar
    mack vance

    My order number 102075436. No tracking number. has order been sent? Please advise tracking number. Thanks