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What Is Parcel Investigation?

In case you did not receive your parcel within the allotted transit time, parcel investigation is conducted so we can directly track your order with the shipping company.

Click here for more details - Parcel Investigation Guidelines

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    Mulyadi Pandia

    MEMPHIS, TN, Clearance delay - Import, Shipment requires importer's registration/identification number for clearance. (Examples include EIN, SSN, VAT, GST, RFC, etc.)

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    A.A.C. Marneffe

    YOUR SHIPMENT # 1000034577 FOR ORDER # 1000034031

    RP206340144SG Jan 16, 2019-12:00 am
    Arrival at Destination Post (Country: NL)Singapore Post

    Dear Sir / Madam, I have not received the above order until today.
    You can check what went wrong.
    With a sincere greeting,
    Alex Marneffe.

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