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What Is An RMA / Warranty Claim?

An RMA Claim/Form is an online form that must be filled out for every warranty item that you wish to claim or return. It serves as a record that will be used for compensation purposes. You need to complete this form to start the Warranty process, however, it does not necessarily mean you will have to return the item to us. A claim is also needed for missing items as this allows us to open an investigation with our warehouse.

After a Warranty Specialist has received your submitted photos and/or videos and has confirmed that your claim is valid, we can then compensate you accordingly for the warranty item.

In some cases, if your photos and/or videos are not enough to validate your claim or the item requires further inspection, we may request that you return the item to an address that will be noted in your RMA. Inspection/processing time once the item is received at the warehouse can take up to 14 days. Be advised that return shipping costs are not covered, so please use the most cost-effective shipping method (with tracking) available for returning your warranty items.

To open an RMA Claim, click here -- How To Submit An RMA?

** If you need further assistance, click HERE to CONTACT US.

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