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I Received A Defective Battery (Puffed And/Or Voltage Reading). What Should I Do?

Please fill in the RMA form under the order with defective battery. You need to complete this form for recording purposes but it does not necessarily mean you will return the item to us. Simply send us the following photos to justify your clam.  

  1. Photo of the batch code
  2. Photo of the warranty code
  3. Photo of the battery connected to the cell meter and indicator showing the voltage reading

Please refer below for the required photos for defective battery

You may refer to the attached photo below for the batch code and warranty code. Once provided, our RMA Specialists will update your RMA status shortly for possible solution.

Please click HERE for the instructions on how to create RMA Form.


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    Robert Conrad

    could not load the video

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    Michael Fahner

    Hi. I bought one of your batteries thru an Ebay seller. I've had the battery about month now for a build that isn't even built yet so it's never been used. Upon plugging in the bullets into the connectors to check voltage & I.R. I noticed the bullets inside the case were twisting side to side the one quite a bit about a mill and half of twisting movement. I was under the impression that 2 cell and higher the connectors were soldered to a balancing circuit board well this seller claims there's a wire soldered to the outside of the connector and the case allows for the movement. Imo I'd prefer absolutely no movement within my solder joints but that's just me... something here smells fishy lol.. I was hoping to get a professional opinion maybe you could help me if this guy gives me an issue cause honestly I feel hes either lying or doesn't know wth jes talking about and he just doesn't want to approve my exchange... thanks in advance!!

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    bukovenszky daniel

    Hallo!!nur 5s funktionieren...kein 6s!!!

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    lair olivier

    I sent photo of my batterie and you asked me to send it to you but the cost of the expedition is superior at the cost of the battery. What can i do?
    Thank you

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