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Why is there no update in my tracking status from the day my package is shipped?

Each of our shipping methods has their own delivery timeframes or transit time. If your tracking status has not been updated from the start of delivery, we advise you to do the following:

1) Check the local shipping method / courier website announcements on delivery delays due to uncontrolled or unforeseen events such as government interventions, local transportation issues, weather conditions, and other natural disasters. 

*For relevant issue that may cause shipping delays, we will keep in touch with our shipping partners and let you know if your order is affected. Otherwise, please allow a few days to have our shipping partners update your tracking status. 

2) If the package is still within its delivery period, please be patient and rest assured that the package is on its way! 

*If the transit time is over and there is still no update and your package has not been received yet, please be guided here -- find out if your package is lost or pending for pickup at your local courier. 

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